Buddha Purnima 2021: 5 delicious kheers to prepare & relish

Buddha Purnima, which is also known as Buddha Jayanti, marks the birth of the great Gautam Buddha. He is also considered the eighth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was also the founder of Buddhism. The interesting part about this occasion is that it falls on a full moon day. That is why the name Purnima is associated with it.


The festival holds a lot of significance for Buddhists and is celebrated all around the country. It is also believed that Buddha attained nirvana (salvation) and enlightenment on this very day.

How is Buddha Purnima celebrated?

On the day of Buddha Purnima, the Buddhists pay a visit to monasteries that are commonly known as Viharas. Moreover, the statue of Gautam Buddha is decorated on this occasion. The people are usually dressed in white and they refrain from having non-vegetarian food. The most common food prepared on this day is milk porridges, especially kheer.

Top 5 kheer recipes 

Since kheer is considered one of the most auspicious porridges for Buddha Purnima, here is a list of the top 5 kheer recipes that you can try out on the said day.

Healthy love kheer

Give a healthy and unique twist to your regular kheer this time. This delicacy is easy to prepare and is as tasty as the rice porridge that you usually have at home. So go on, give it a try! The main twist about this kheer is that you will be using healthy oats instead of rice to prepare it.

Click here for the recipe 


Vermicelli Kheer

Rice and vermicelli go hand-in-hand when it comes to preparing a delicious bowl of kheer. Check out this amazing recipe which is a favourite dessert for many households in our country. Its very aroma is enough to leave anyone drooling, isn’t it?

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Coconut kheer

Coconuts never go out of season and there’s no denying that! Let’s try to use them as a substitute for rice and create a nutritious pudding out of them. This healthy dessert is easy to make and is the perfect fit for many festive occasions.

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Paneer Kheer

The soft and melting pieces of paneer can be converted into what can be the most delicious dessert of the day! Yes, that’s right. Dig in the link mentioned below and check out the beautiful recipe that tastes simply amazing.

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Sugarcane kheer

Ever heard of a dessert that is made of sugarcane juice? Well, we have got one for you. Try out this amazing kheer prepared with the help of naturally processed sugarcane juice. Check the link mentioned below to relish your taste buds with something that is healthy and delicious.

Click here for the recipe 


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