Corn – The golden delight and its significance


It won’t be wrong to call corn an all-rounder grain as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. This delicious food which is also known as maize is one of the most popular cereal grains in the world. While it is originally native to Central America, the corn is produced and consumed in numerous other parts of the world. The best part about this grain is it has numerous varieties that food lovers can munch on!

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Varieties of corn

Two of the most common varieties of corn include popcorn and sweet corn. However, there are many other products like tortilla chips, cornmeal, corn oil, corn syrup, and cornflour. And here’s another interesting fact related to this superfood. While many people think that corn is yellow in colour, there are some other varieties which are orange, red, blue, purple, black, and white.

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Health benefits of corn

  1. Corn aids in digestion owing to its high fiber content.
  2. It provides essential minerals to the body like magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc.
  3. Corn helps promote eye health as it contains antioxidants, lutein, carotenoids, and zeaxanthin.
  4. Both corn oil and sweet corn help increase blood flow, regulate insulin, and lowers cholesterol absorption.
  5. Corn is high in multiple vitamins and other essential nutrients that help fight diseases and generate new cells.
  6. It is also rich in folic acid, pathogenic acid, and zeaxanthin which help reduce the risk of birth defects in babies.
  7. Corn also helps soothe constipation as it has high fiber content.
  8. It helps underweight people to gain healthy calories.
  9. It is rich in folic acid, Vitamin B12, and iron that helps in the production of blood cells in the body, and thus, reduces the risk of anemia.
  10. Corn is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C that help increase the production of collagen and prevent UV-generated radicals from damaging the skin.

Other uses

  1. Corn-based plastics have become popular in recent years since they are biodegradable and help reduce the environmental impact of synthetic plastics. They are mostly used in food containers, gift cards, disposable dishware, and food packaging.
  2. Corn derivatives are used as a form of bioelectricity in some batteries.
  3. Cornstarch is used in many hygienic and cosmetic items including deodorants.
  4. The absorbent nature of cornstarch also assists in the production of diapers for babies. Even baby powder contains this ingredient.
  5. Corn is also used as a significant ingredient to produce matchsticks.
  6. There are multiple vitamins and medications that consist of corn products.
  7. Corn is also used in the production of carpets and similar textile products.
  8. The colourful crayons that kids love are formed from some corn-based derivatives.
  9. Corn is used as an ingredient in different types of yogurts.
  10. Cornmeal or cornstarch is used to make glue and other adhesives.

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