Gondhoraj – The King of Lemons decoded

Lemons have been an intrinsic part of Indian cuisine. Their zest, aroma, and fragrance make them one of the most loved condiments in everyone’s households. They give a kind of zesty and flavourful addition to food which is just inexplicable. While there are numerous varieties of lemon that you may find in the market, there is one among them that is considered the king of lemons. Yes, we are talking about Gondhoraj here.

Imagine a plate full of white rice with steam swirling up in the air and then, it suddenly gets doused by a few drops of Gondhoraj. This citrusy fragrance of this lemon is enough to make our senses reach nirvana! Often mistaken to be its distant cousin, the kaffir lime, this beauty can attract our taste buds like no other.

Popularly known as the Gondhoraj Lebu or the Rangpur lime, this delight from eastern India has livened up multiple items like delectable pani puris or phuchkas, the all-time delicious dal, and other meat and fish dishes. In other words, it has pushed certain Indian cuisines to greater heights. This beautiful green oblong lime has thick skin which is unlike the other kinds of lemons. So, you may have to squeeze this one a little harder! The Gondhoraj lemon may be scarce in juice, but it is rich in terms of fragrance.

You need to beautifully cut through the lemon lengthwise to expose its pales. Thereafter, you just need to properly squish it and let the fragrance linger through the entire house, rich enough to invite everyone to the dinner table. The best part about Gondhoraj is that it helps in resurrecting dishes to their full potential. Right from using its zest in chicken or mutton curries to putting its leaves into the shredded mixture of dry fish, chillies, and other spices, this lemon gains full marks in terms of its versatility.

In the modern context, you can also add Gondhoraj lebu to different kinds of alcohol like gin, beer, and vodka. It simply helps enhance the flavour of the drinks. As mentioned above, it is not a very juicy fruit, and people have to use extra strength of their hands to extract the juice. However, one thing is for sure that the tiniest drop from this oblong-shaped lemon can make the dullest of insipid food taste better.

About Fresho Gondhoraj Lemon

Fresho has brought to you this amazing fragrant lemon variety all the way from Bengal. It makes sure that you get the same old rich flavour and fragrance that Gondhoraj lemon is originally known for. It is also rich in Vitamin C and citrus. Adding the lemon daily to your diet will help improve your immunity too. These lemons are best consumed with main course dishes that include chicken or mutton kosha, masoor dal, virgin mojito, prawns, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your share of the king of lemons to make every dish satiate your taste buds.

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Article by Swetlana Neog

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