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Hacks to dry your shoes during monsoons

The rains are amazing. There is a freshness in the air, there is much respite from the heat of the summer and everything is green around you. It is a great time of the year if you love being outdoors and do not mind getting drenched. However, if you are not in the mood to be outdoors during the rains, getting caught unawares in a deluge while on the way to work or running errands, is probably the worst thing to happen.

It is particularly uncomfortable to sit in your office or move around if your shoes are wet. Not only are your feet damp all the time, but it may also lead to bad odor and serious skin infections.

Worry not, because we are going to talk about a few excellent hacks to dry your shoes, whether you got caught in the rain or are simply waiting for your washed shoes to dry completely.

Now, these hacks work, irrespective of the material or make of footwear.

1) Blow Dryer

A sure-shot way of drying your soaking wet shoes is to use a blow dryer. You can use the heat set up in your blow-drying but make sure that you hold the shoe a bit away from the dryer. Certain materials may not take too well to heat and get ruined. However, if you have canvas or even leather, blow-drying with heat could work wonders. Simply blow heated air onto the shoes, till they are completely dry. Make sure to spread the air around, rather than focusing on a single area. This way, the shoes will dry quicker and better.

Now if you are at work, blow-drying your shoes may not be an option. However, the same trick can be used with a different item. You can use a hand dryer in the washroom if one is available. It works with the same principle. Simply hold the shoes up to the blower area and let the air completely dry your shoes.

2) Newspapers

This hack of drying shoes has been a standard for a long time. It works especially well on closed shoes like sneakers, canvas shoes or Mary Janes, or even pumps.

Simply take out the insole to let it dry separately. Then ball up some newspaper pages and stuff them inside the shoes. Use the coarse paper of the newspaper than the glossy one, as it is super absorbent. You can also use one piece of paper to cover the outside of the shoes and you can see how it instantly absorbs a lot of dampness.

This hack can also work with paper bags. If you have old brown paper bags, they also are amazingly absorbent and can dry your wet shoes in hours.

Paper towels or tissues also work the same way but ensure to not use scented tissues or wet tissues. It may spoil the material of your shoes.

3) Dryer

Many people suggest that putting your shoes in a dryer run in your washing machine can help dry them. It does work, however, you need to be extremely careful. Firstly, you will need to clean your shoes off of the mud and dirt. Then consider the material and the type of your shoes before putting them in the dryer. Leather can get damaged under too much heat and so it would not be a good idea to go for it. Similarly, heels or chunky platforms can ruin your washing machine.

Ideally, a dryer can work wonders on canvas or fabric shoes. If you have a pillowcase, put your shoes inside them after removing the laces and insoles. Put the pillowcase and shoes inside the dryer and run it. It would come up dry in a few minutes.

These are some definite hacks to help your shoes become dry during the rainy season. Hope these quick hacks are able to save your shoes and feet from taking squishy steps.

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