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Say goodbye to monsoon dampness with easy kitchen hacks

Monsoons are here and every one of us is enjoying the beautiful weather. A plate of scrumptious snacks and a cup of hot tea are enough to keep us warm as we marvel at the scenic beauty of the surroundings. As much as we love these titbits about the rainy season, it has another side which we hardly talk about but notice at times. Sometimes, rains create a lot of havoc in our houses, especially the kitchen area. One can feel that uncertain dampness has taken over with the possibility of a fungus spread or insects lurking around. So, it’s time to beat the kitchen blues this monsoon season with some easy hacks.

Check them out below and get your kitchen monsoon ready in no time!

1. Wire connections

It is necessary to ensure the safety of the kitchen amid monsoons. Make sure to get good-quality wire connections. If required, call an electrician to look at them. The dampness on your kitchen walls can cause dampness and can lead to short circuits.

2. Clean surfaces

Moist surfaces and floors are kinds of unsaid invitations for dirt and seasonal insects. Always use disinfectants to keep the surfaces clean. Also, make sure to keep them as dry as possible.

3. Proper ventilation

Ventilations allow fresh air to pass through and help keep moisture away from the kitchen. They also help get rid of that musty and unpleasant smell off the floors and walls that we usually get during the monsoons. Make sure you have proper ventilation in your kitchen and if not, it’s time you have one!

4. No renovation

Say no to renovation during the rainy season as wet walls aren’t good news during this time. They are known to further increase the dampness. So, you should avoid renovation this season.

5. Leakage control

Make sure to check for leakages on the pipes and drains in your kitchen during this time. If you want, get them checked by a plumber beforehand. Rains often lead to minor leakages so make sure you don’t miss out on them!

A few extra tips for your kitchen

1. Keep an insect repellent handy as it is quite common for little creatures like cockroaches to wreak havoc on your kitchen.

2. You can also get rid of pests using naphthalene balls. It’s very easy to place them in some strategic places like crevices or under the sink.

3. Make sure you keep foods like grains and spices inside airtight containers. Also, never use a wet spoon inside these containers.

4. Keep a mop handy when working in the kitchen. That allows you to wipe the floor or surface immediately in case anything spills on the same.

Are you maintaining your kitchen garden well this monsoon? Click on this link to know more.

Article by Swetlana Neog

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