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The ultimate monsoon pet care routine

It’s raining cats and dogs everywhere in the country! While the monsoons have proved to be a soothing respite, it comes with a few problems for our furry friends. It’s definitely a lovely time to take them out for walks. However, the season has its cons that include water-borne diseases, pests, itchy skin, and infections. But as the wise men say – every problem comes with a solution. Let’s dig in to know some simple tips that can assist in keeping our pets radiant and shining.

  1. Keep them clean and dry

It’s okay to take a rain shower with your furry pal. But make sure to wash your pet with anti-fungal shampoo or soap once you return home. This will help prevent the onset of skin diseases or rashes. Also, use a blow dryer or a fresh towel to dry them immediately.

  1. Take care of the sensitive paws

Yes, you heard it right! The paws of your pets are super sensitive and need extra care. Apply some paw butter on them before stepping out during the rainy season. Once you’re back, wash the paws with lukewarm water to get rid of the dirt that may be stuck between the pads.

  1. Check for wounds

Make sure to check for any cuts and bruises on your pet during monsoons. Ignoring the same may lead to your pet catching an infection. Do not keep any sharp objects or metal scraps out in the open.

  1. Check the coat and ears

Monsoon proves to be a happy season for ticks, fleas, and pests. In order to stop them from lurking around and disturbing your pet, make sure to check the coat and ears. Study every knot or bump you discover and if required, use a flashlight or a torch for better investigation. You can also use a detangling comb. Keep a tick and flea shampoo handy for emergencies. You may also use repellents.

  1. Take care of the water intake

It’s extremely important to give only boiled (and cooled) water to your pet during monsoons. This prevents the possibility of diarrhea or an upset tummy.

  1. Create a comforting space

It’s normal for your dog or cat to get scared by the roar of thunder or even the flashes of lightning. Create a calm and comforting abode for them to snuggle up whenever they feel the need to do so. You can also stuff the places with some of their favourite toys!

  1. Ensure proper vaccination

It’s important to take note of the vaccination schedule of your pet. Contact a vet to see if your pal needs deworming ahead of the rainy season. If possible, maintain a calendar to make sure that none of the shots are missed out.

We also have an entire guide to pet essentials. Make sure to check it out for all your furry friend’s needs!

Article by Swetlana Neog

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