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Product picks for a fresh and clean kitchen

There is no doubt that the rainy season is one of the most awaited seasons in India. A fresh green growth, a cool climate, and a general air of relaxation sets in with monsoons. However, with the pandemic being part of our lives now, monsoons also come with their fair share of flu, unhygienic homes, and chances of various infections.

In any Indian household, the kitchen holds an important place. A place of nourishment and health, it is truly the heart of a home. It is our responsibility to maintain a clean, fresh, and hygienic kitchen in our homes. But, during monsoons, this is an easier said than done task. Especially during continuous rainy days, it is difficult for kitchen surfaces to dry completely, and a lingering odor always finds its way inside. Not to mention, if you have a window that you may open once in a while, various insects may find their way into your kitchen. It is of utmost importance to make sure that a place that provides nourishment to your family is spic and span in all the ways.

We will be listing a few products that can help you keep your kitchen free of dampness, foul odor, and insects while maintaining its hygiene and freshness.

1. Insects and ventilation for the kitchen

There will be few moments during the day in the monsoon season when you may find the sun shining brightly. Ensure that you open your kitchen windows properly to let the sun in. Nothing brings freshness into your kitchen like bright sunshine. But open windows may lead to insects and the moist environment gives rise to mosquitoes, bacteria, and viruses.

Ensure that you invest in a net outside your windows. It is a good idea to use mosquito repellents inside your kitchen to ward off pests. There are many organic and natural repellents available that are effective on pests but are not harmful to children or pets.

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Other than mosquitoes, there are other insect repellents also that you can use to ward off unwanted pests inside your kitchen. When you keep your kitchen free of these pests, it will stay clean and hygienic for longer periods.

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Keep your kitchen well aired and clean to avoid unwanted pests or germs from flourishing.

2. Fixing, repairing, refurbishing the kitchen

It is important to check the wiring and plumbing in your kitchen before the monsoon sets in. A leaky pipe or a stray live wire could yield disastrous and tragic results. Make sure that you check and repair all the wiring and plumbing systems in your kitchen. Check the insulations on the wire, appliances, and other equipment.

Carpets or mats are a good way to keep dampness off of the kitchen floor. However, you need to ensure that you use clean and dry mats in the kitchen. If your kitchen mat remains damp and dirty, it will lead to the formation of fungus and bacteria. To avoid this, change your kitchen mat often. You can use a good strong detergent to clean them and dry them well before using.

Keep tissues handy for usage inside the kitchen. Usually, during monsoons, cloth wipes or sponge wipes do not dry very well. However you clean them, they will still feel sticky and slimy. This is because they never dry fully. To avoid this, try and use kitchen paper towels or tissues for wiping purposes. Disposable tissues and kitchen paper towels soak up water better, clean better, and can easily be disposed of.

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3. Storing well

In many cases, during monsoons, bad odor and pests in the kitchen are the results of food or grains or any other kind of perishables going bad. Either they are attacked by small worms or maggots or they go damp and smell bad. To avoid this, buy produce in small quantities that can be used immediately or in a few days.

Ensure that the perishables are stored in airtight containers that do not allow dampness. Make sure to store fruits and vegetables in good quality ziplock bags and cover them with a net to avoid flies and other insects.

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If you are keeping food outside the refrigerator, make sure that it is adequately covered. You can also use cling wrap or aluminum foil to keep it secure and fresh.

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4. Cleaning and wiping the kitchen interiors

Finally, the hygiene and freshness of your kitchen depend on how often and how well you clean it. Monsoons are generally a hassle to clean the kitchen because of the extreme dampness. It almost feels like it is never clean enough. We suggest you invest in a good cleaner, with a fresh fragrance to ensure maximum cleanliness and freshness.

Use a good surface cleaner to wipe down your kitchen surfaces and appliances. Ensure that you use a clean and dry-wipe or kitchen towel. A sponge wipe or a microfibre wipe can work wonders. Keep a separate mop or wiping towel for the kitchen floor. Use a good disinfectant to clean the surface of the kitchen.

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It is a good idea to use drain cleaning solutions often during monsoons. Drains and sinks need to clean constantly to avoid any foul odor and dirt. Similarly, ensure that your dustbin is regularly cleaned and dried before being used again. Invest in two or more dustbins to keep up a rotation so that one can dry well before using.

A good cleaning and disinfecting solution are a given for any kitchen. If you find something that gives off a fresh fragrance, it will ensure that your kitchen smells wonderfully clean. Keeping potpourri or dehumidifiers or air fresheners in your kitchen are also great options.

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We hope our top picks here help you keep your kitchen hygienic, fresh and clean. When your home looks, feels and smells wonderfully clean and fresh, you can sit back and enjoy the rains, knowing that you have ensured your family’s health.

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