How bath salts enhance beauty and wellness

Among the many ancient ingredients used in beauty and wellness regimens, salts have been one of the most essential elements. People have used them in various forms for their hair, skin, muscles, and nails. However, even among beauty and wellness aficionados, there exists confusion regarding different salts and their various properties.

To clear up the confusion, here is a list of few quintessential bath salts along with tips on how to use them.

Himalayan bath salts

Mined from the foothills of the great Himalayan range, Himalayan salts are 250-year-old ocean deposits that are as ancient as the great mountain ranges themselves. These kosher salts were covered in lava, ice, and snow for years, keeping them away from modern pollutants. Over the years, they’ve been mined for various medicinal and cosmetic purposes, and are also consumed as edible salts.

These come in various colours, such a pink, white, and orange. Their colour is determined by their mineral content, that is, the presence of potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium. All of these are essential minerals for the body. Magnesium, in particular, works as a muscle relaxant. So, if your muscles and joints feel stiff or sore, a warm bath with Himalayan bath salt is the perfect remedy. When dissolved in water, its mineral ions are released and better absorbed by the skin.

Any salt is considered good for the skin and a home remedy for various skin conditions. However, Himalayan Sea salt is especially helpful in ridding serious skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal ingredient in dermatological medicines and ointments. It also helps your skin stay hydrated, reducing breakouts and irritation.

These days, Himalayan bath salts are also mixed with essential oils and fragrances making for more relaxing and enjoyable baths. Simply mix a few spoons into a bucket of warm water or a tub you can comfortably soak in.

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Dead sea bath salts

It is said that Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, renowned for her beauty and charm, swore by the effects of soaking in the Dead Sea. Authentic Dead Sea salt, extracted from the bed of the sea, is said to contain ten times more minerals than regular salt. That is why it is so effective in treating sore muscles and aches. Due to its high concentration of magnesium, it is said to treat psoriasis and acne. Consistent use can also greatly ease the pains of arthritis and the inflammation of muscles.

Dead Sea bath salts contain bromide which is said to heal many skin allergies. A combination of various other minor minerals makes it an essential ingredient in cosmetics and ageing treatments. It also helps detoxify and cleanse the skin while acting as a natural exfoliant.

Available in various sizes, you can choose what works best for you and use it to achieve softer and smoother skin.

Dead Sea salts are also used in masks and conditioners or hair. One can use them by dissolving them in bath water to relax the body and mind.

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Epsom salt

Also known as magnesium sulphate, Epsom salt primarily is a chemical compound made of magnesium, sulphur, and oxygen. Though it is called a salt, it is completely different from table salt, in that it is bitter and inedible.

Epsom salt is mostly used to treat ailments like arthritis, inflammation, and sore muscles. When Epsom salt is dissolved in water, it creates magnesium and sulphate ions. Soaking in this water or taking a bath with it, allows the ions to be absorbed by the skin. Magnesium works to relax muscles, and therefore, consistent use of Epsom salt is ideal for treating arthritis and muscle soreness.

Magnesium also produced neurotransmitters in your brain that help with sleep and stress management. A good soak in Epsom salt water helps alleviate stress and resolve insomnia. Due to its recovering and regenerative properties, Epsom salt baths are recommended after rigorous exercises or training sessions.

Many of the above-mentioned salts available in the market are blended with amazing essential oils and fragrances. These can help take care of your skin, hair, body, and mind.

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