Favourite Indian comfort food

What can we say about comfort food? The bite that takes away all your worries and warms up your spirit. That one bite of your comfort food is enough to give you a dreamy palate. Whether on a dark rainy day or a bleak winter evening, nothing can be comforting than that one go-to dish to bring on visible signs of happiness. It could be simple, or it could be rich, it could be spicy, or a refreshingly soothing nostalgic dish you ‘have to have.’

In the Indian culinary diaspora, the list of such cheerful dishes is plentiful. It differs from person to person yet more or less remains the same across the board. These delightful eats take you back to your childhood memories and give the feeling of being at home. From ambrosia of our usual kitchen to finger licking street eatables, here is a list of foods that are not only gratifying but to die craving for more:

Batata vada-pav or samosa

Undoubtedly, a quick option for a hungry stomach is this ‘cannot-and-will not’ resist potatoes dipped in chana batter and deep-fried delight. Mostly demanded with the pav, this batata vada goes well in the pav with a dash of hot spicy chutney and a fried green chili for a good taste. Let your taste buds say party time as you enjoy your moment of pleasure. You also have an option of deep-fried triangle-molded samosa. You can further try the Chinese samosa that includes noodles instead of potatoes. As you enjoy your moment along with hot tea, listen to Anil Kapoor sing the song dedicated to batata vada!

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Aloo parontha or paratha

Yet another superbly delightful dish, aloo paratha is a thick roti made with tasty potato mash. Sauteed in oil or mainly ghee, there is no comparison to the exceptional flavour of the delectable paratha. Served with a dollop of white butter melting on a hot paratha, it is a favorite breakfast of the North. It is relished on a cold winter day – ghee paratha and hot chai are what make life worth living. Parathas come in a vast array of tastes and aromatic stuffing. This breakfast-of-India is served with curd, sabzi, pickles, or chutney making this scrumptious stuffed bread a delight for all.

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Call it dal-chawal, varan-bhaat, or rajma chawal, this quintessential dish tops the list when it comes to Indian comfort food.  Wherever you go, you will find an outlet serving you this hot and tasty plate of soul food.

There are many variations of this dish, yet nothing can beat the one that comes from your mother’s kitchen.


Biriyani, the dish of the royal is today a comfort for many hungry ones.  Transcending all borders, we have many varieties of this dish such as Mughlai, Lucknowi, Kolkata, and Hyderabadi with each variation having its unique spin. Cooked with rice and meat, the flavourful spices give the plate its royal touch. Dig into it with cucumber or onion raita, and you will know what heaven looks like!

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Gulab jamun

The mere glimpse of a gulab jamun makes anybody go weak in the knees. Image the warm deep-fried mava balls floating in sugary syrup, this is what temptation looks like, dear readers. Sink your teeth into the juicy soft sweet balls dripping in the syrup and it is divine. Even though new age temptations lure you into pastry shops, there is nothing that can beat the aromatic mava gulab jamuns. Sometimes with rose petals strewn on the jamuns, the dish looks visually awesome.

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“Jalebi Bai…!!” Even Bollywood has acknowledged the popularity of this sweet and has honoured it with an item number. The piping hot crispy ringlets are dipped in sugar syrup to makes it one of the most popular comfort foods of India. It comes as no surprise that every sweetmeat shop has a tray filled with jalebi.

Throw all your health cautions to winds and relish these crispy, juicy spirals with chilled rabdi, and there, this is truly extraordinary!

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Idli Sambhar

A dish that originated from the South is today a comfort food in every direction. The satiated feeling that you get from savouring a spoonful of soft fluffy idli dipped in spicy sambar is more than a fulfilling experience. It is steamed and thus considered healthier than most comfort food. The sambhar also has a blend of sweet, sour, and spicy variation that gives the perfect umami taste one is looking for.

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This was our list of a few famous Indian comfort food. What is yours?

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