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Must-have kitchen tools and essentials

Whether you are returning to work after a long hiatus of remote working or trying to juggle a household while working from home, handling kitchen duties is always a thing of stress. Catering to each and every family member’s demand and taste, keeping in mind the health issues of various members, as well as making a healthy wholesome full course meals three times a day, along with innumerable snacks and in-between meal bites, it can get extremely overwhelming.

In between all this, if you lack the equipment to do your work efficiently and quickly, nothing can be more frustrating. A well-working kitchen needs to have tools and essentials that make the work easy and quick. It helps in not just making the process seamless but also in reducing the stress on the person dealing in the kitchen.

We are going to list 10 kitchen tools and essentials that can significantly reduce your time and effort in the kitchen.

Chopping board

Many households today need to be on top of their cooking to cook and eat on time. That is why people do their cutting and chopping business over the weekend and store cut vegetables in the refrigerator to save time. Over the weekdays, while rushing for work, all they have to do is toss in the cut vegetables, add the spices, and be done. A good chopping and cutting ritual requires an extremely essential tool that is a good sturdy chopping board.

A wooden chopping board is considered the best of the lot and is hard enough to take any force onto it. After a long session of cutting and chopping, simply wash it with warm water and soap, wipe it dry and smear a little oil on top of it. This will help keep it clean and free of bacterial or viral eruptions.

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One of the most essential tools in a kitchen, it is imperative to have a good, sharp, and handy knife. You may find that in most kitchens, the person may have 4 to 5 knives at hand but he or she may be using just one particular knife. This is because our hands build muscle memory with a tool like a knife that we use. It is essential that we use a sharp knife and a correct one for the item that we are cutting.

A steel knife is considered the best to use for meats, vegetables, fruits, etc while there are ceramic, wooden, and other material knives available for various other purposes.

Similarly, a peeler is an important item in a kitchen. For skinned vegetables and fruits, it is much effortless to use a peeler than a knife.

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This is an effort-saving and time-reducing product that is especially good for those early morning office goers who need to have their dose of fresh juice every day. A simple manual contraption that works to squeeze clean every fruit to give out healthy juice, it segregates pulp without destroying its original fruit taste. It is unbreakable and easy to operate with a vacuum base to firmly fix it on the surface.

The easy-to-remove body parts make washing and cleaning it easier. The easy mechanism and quick process making it an important item in a kitchen.

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Sprout maker

This is a revolutionary product for people who follow healthy diets. This sprout-maker, made of food-grade polypropylene, has two containers for sprouts and one for water. It also has an air vent so that your sprouts do not go bad. With a cap to drain out excess water, the design is set to maintain good moisture levels so that you get fresh and well-germinated sprouts.

With this product, you don’t need to go into messy cloth tie-ups or covering up strainers with dark covering. Simply put your grains in the sprout maker, add water and get well germinated nutritious sprouts.

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Snack maker

Children, who are attending online classes and are unable to go outside to play, tend to constantly ask for snacks. It has been an overwhelming dilemma for mothers to be ready with healthy snacks that satisfies a child’s demand.

This snack maker is a wonderful kitchen accessory that can help make snacks like bhujia, sev, chakli, and other snacks. It has an unbreakable body and is efficient and time-saving. With various blade options in different shapes and sizes, it is heavy-duty and can help make snacks from various ingredients. The design makes it easy to clean and wipe.

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Sink basket

With the onset of Covid, people are paying extra attention to washing and cleaning vegetables and fruits. From cleaning products specifically designed to wash them to advice regarding air drying them, it has been an onslaught. While all of this is good, air-drying washed vegetables and fruits is a messy affair.

This is where this amazing sink basket comes to use. It is easily fixable onto your sink and is big enough to hold all your weekly purchases. You can wash your items and simply store them in this basket. It has a steel net wired mesh that can strain away water. After use, it can be easily folded and set over the sink for drying. Easy to wash and store, this is a must-have for anyone wishing for better storage space.

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Coconut scraper

Whether you are making coconut chutney for your South Indian delicacies or simply adding bits of coconut to your salad or custard, removing coconut pulp is a time-consuming effort. Your time and effort can be saved with this brilliant coconut scraper.

With a rubber base pad that fixes on a surface firmly, this scraper has sharp blades that easily and effortlessly scrape the coconut pulp. It has a plastic body that is lightweight yet works easily.

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When you are mixing ingredients, it always takes more effort and time to do it with a simple spoon. However, with this blender, the process of liquidizing, churning, and beating various ingredients becomes an easy and effortless affair.

With a manual mechanism, all you have to do is hold the handle with one hand and push the handle back a few times for the beating blades to work their magic. You will find your ingredients well churned or well beaten to your liking. With steel blending blades, they are easy to wash and clean. The plastic handle and body make it lightweight and easy to hold.

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Fruit corer

Removing bits and pieces from vegetables and fruits while trying to use them in their original shapes is one of the most cumbersome chores to do. So for delicacies like stuffed capsicum or stuffed bitter gourd, it is time-consuming to remove seeds and pulp to make space. This is where a fruit corer comes to your rescue.

With a wide opening and sharp edge, it is quite easy to work with on fruits and vegetables. Due to its serrated edge, it removes seeds and cores effortlessly. As the blade is made of plastic, it won’t rust or cause the fruit or vegetables to turn brown.

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Spatula + beater + brush

This ultimate combo of a spatula, beater, and brush is a great addition to your super modern kitchen. The spatula must have a wooden handle and the best grade original silicone, which is odour free and BPA free. It can be used to mix your curries and the silicone makes it easy to clean.

The beater too must have a wooden handle and a silicone end that makes beating and mixing ingredients easy. Due to the silicone wiring, ingredients do not stick to the wires. It is also lightweight, making it effortless to use.

A brush with silicone bristles makes brushing and basting quick and simple. Heat resistant and durable, this basting brush is ideal for anyone who is passionate about baking as well.

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We hope you are able to upgrade your kitchen with this amazing collection of tools and essentials, that not only save time and effort but aid you in your passion for cooking.


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