Simplify Indian cooking with HappyChef DIY kits

The same fervour and love we show to our country, we also show for our food! Various regional and traditional cuisines that are native to the Indian subcontinent are celebrated not just in India but now across the world. Right from Hyderabad’s famous biryani to Punjab’s buttery dishes, these cuisines are loved by one and all. This vast constellation of culinary treasures is sure to live on forever. Indian food, as a whole, is mostly built on the same flavour foundation, yet every region and every corner of the nation offers food that is unique in taste.

Indian cuisine is packed with flavour. We love our spices, even the heartier ones. Recipes and dishes are passed down generations to be relished by all. However, time constraints often restrict us from doing so, isn’t it? That’s where we come with the concept of DIY meal kits. These come with pre-proportioned ingredients and, of course, a recipe guide. Just follow the same to prepare home-cooked yet lavish restaurant-style dishes in just minutes! So, don your chef’s hat and dig in!

HappyChef Indian-style kits

Let’s introduce you to an array of Indian meal kits from HappyChef. These recipes have been handpicked from various parts of the country to cater to all your culinary needs. The best part about these recipe mixes is that you can cook them with any vegetable or meat of your choice. HappyChef’s Indian range has some all-time favourites. To ease your search, we’ve curated a list below.

HappyChef Madras Curry Kit

This South Indian recipe mix is prepared traditionally, with an onion paste, tomato puree, and authentic picks of spices. These handpicked ingredients ensure that you get what you ask for, a culinary trip to Madras.
Click here for the recipe

HappyChef Punjabi Butter Masala Kit

Butter masala is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular dishes in India. Imagine that thick and rich puree infused with some succulent pieces of paneer or chicken. This vastly flavourful experience is sure to leave you in awe!
Click here for the recipe

HappyChef Tikka Masala Kit

Love spicy food? Then we are sure you are a fan of tikka masala too. Get ready to indulge in some mouth-watering and delicious HappyChef Tikka masala. Relish it with a choice of rice or flatbread to experience pure bliss.
Click here for the recipe

HappyChef Punjabi Cashew Korma Kit

This is another special Indian dish that is prepared using cashew korma puree, cream, coconut milk powder, and a variety of flavorsome spices. Win everyone’s heart with a restaurant-style meal that’s rich and luscious.
Click here for the recipe

HappyChef Hyderabadi Biryani Kit

It’s time to bring home the taste of Hyderabad! Prepare authentic biryani with a kit that makes cooking this grand dish oh-so-easy. Infused with a secret blend of spices, this dish assures a magical experience in every bite.
Click here for the recipe

So, which one of these kits are you going to try at home? Let us know in the comments section!

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