How to make your hands look younger

They say, your hands reveal your age. Considering the work they do, it’s little wonder that these hardworking hands age faster than any other part of the body. Every day, our hands face the roughness and toughness of life the most. Your hands are literally hands-on. Yet, they are the most neglected part of our body. We use them unsparingly, but we spare no time to take care of them.
But here’s the thing. As we age, our skin begins to thin. While this natural ageing process is masterfully concealed on our faces by regular use of moisturizers and other beauty treatments, our neglected hands develop wrinkles and age spots, thus looking much older than they’re meant to be.
But before you hit the panic button, we have a few well-known tricks up our sleeves so you can enjoy younger, healthier hands that look their age.

Moisturize your hands

Whether it’s frequent washing of hands or constantly being in an AC room, both of these can rob your skin of its natural moisture, leaving them dry and dehydrated. That’s exactly why you need to slather your hands with a generous amount of moisturizer to keep them soft and supple. Here’s a tip – always carry a travel-sized pack so you can apply it on the go.
For deliciously soft hands, try Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser.

Apply sunscreen

Sun rays are powerful and damaging. These UV rays can cause spots, wrinkles, and make the already thin skin on the back of your hands, look even thinner. Which is why, sunscreen is so important. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher. Reapply whenever you wash your hands, before stepping out, and even when you’re driving, as the sun rays can penetrate through your window.
For maximum protection, try BIOTIQUE Sunscreen Lotion.

Remember to exfoliate

Dead skin not only makes your hands look dull and lifeless, but will also prevent other products from being absorbed easily. Exfoliation not only removes dead cells, but also rejuvenates skin and gives it a radiance. Always use a gentle exfoliator, as an abrasive one can cause scratches on your skin. Exfoliate once a week and immediately apply moisturizer.
For fabulously smooth hands, try Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub.

Care for your cuticles

Good hand health also includes caring for your nails and cuticles. That’s why, it’s wise to invest in a cuticle oil that conditions, heals and protects not just your cuticles, but your nails and the skin around them too. Apply a small amount of cuticle oil every day, and gently massage till all of it is absorbed.
For nourished cuticles, try Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail Cuticle Oil.

Wear gloves

Whether you’re washing the dishes or cleaning, water, as well as cleaning agents, can strip your hands of moisture making them look dull and dry. That’s why wearing gloves is super essential as this will not only prevent your hands from getting wrinkly and saggy but will also protect them from the after-effects.
For healthy hands, try Nature’s Plus Rubber Gloves.

Use a nail polish

The right shade of nail polish can make your hands look prettier and draw attention away from age spots or wrinkles, if any. Resist going for darker shades as these will make your hands look older. A nude pink or a cheery orange will lend a youthful vibe to your hands.
For youthful hands, try Iba Breathable Nail Colour.

Remember, your hands never take the day off, so it’s time to take care of them, nurture them, nourish them and give them all the TLC they deserve. We promise these simple tips will help to keep your hands looking young and youthful, for years to come. Because now, the health of your hands, is in good hands.

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