Celebrate Asian cuisine with HappyChef DIY meal kits

While the entire world still struggles with the deadly advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, new quarantine activities have come into being for everyone’s ease. Many of us have experimented with what can be now termed as quarantine cooking amid the lockdown. With this, we also got introduced to another cool concept of DIY meal kits. The best feature of these easy-to-cook wonders is that they come with pre-proportioned ingredients. You just need to follow the instructions and cook a perfect restaurant-style meal!

Whether you want to prepare something for a date or rustle up something quick, DIY meal kits are here for your rescue. And well, by the looks of it, this foodie trend is here to stay. The best part here is that we also get an Asian version of these easy-to-make cuisines available in the market. Yes, you heard that right. HappyChef brings along a wide range of DIY Asian kits to help you save time on meal prep. Right from the scrumptious Vietnamese lemongrass kit to the Korean stir fry kit, get ready to recreate these menu classics and brush up your cooking skills!

Here’s what you get in the treasure box of HappyChef DIY Asian meal kits:

HappyChef Thai Green Curry Kit:

Thai green curry involves the richness of coconut milk, the colour of green chillies, and a wide range of herbs and spices. Get ready for an authentic Thai cuisine experience with this easy and instant kit.

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HappyChef Thai Red Curry Kit

Thai red curry will give you a huge flavour punch with red chillies, kaffir lime leaves, and an array of other spices. Its main ingredient is the red curry paste that you will also find in HappyChef’s DIY kit. So, get ready for a flavoursome experience in every bite!

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HappyChef Schezwan Chilli Kit

The tangy and spicy schezwan chilli sauce is here to blow your mind again. Get ready to experience the fiery taste of this versatile condiment in HappyChef’s DIY stir fry kit.

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HappyChef Vietnamese Lemongrass Stir Fry Kit

Lemongrass is known for its aroma and ubiquitous taste. Get ready to experiment with the delectable taste of Vietnamese lemongrass sauce in your meal with this kit.

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HappyChef Chinese Stir Fry Kit

If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine, then this kit is definitely for you. Get hold of this packet that includes a unique recipe to compliment your regular rice, noodles, and even meat.

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HappyChef Malaysian Stir Fry Kit

Ever heard of the delicious combination of peanut satay sauce and ginger garlic paste? Try out this exotic Malaysian kit and delight your taste buds like no other.

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HappyChef Korean Stir Fry Kit

This instant recipe mix includes the iconic Korean BBQ sauce that is known for its perfect blend of sweet and spicy taste. So, go ahead and impress others with a delicious stir fry recipe.

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Here’s a glimpse of one of the recipes that we would like you to try!

Article by Swetlana Neog

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