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Full of style and packed with power, a beard adds an immutable style to a persona. For decades now, this manly fuzz has enjoyed its own sweet spot in fashion. But today, the millennial man has gone beyond basics and reinvented his sense of machismo. He has stepped out of his comfort zone and doesn’t mind experimenting with his style. From quirky to bizarre, unrestrained to the conventional, he has gone the extra mile to ensure this dominant feature is always in the spotlight. For many men, a beard is more than just a style statement. It is part of their identity.

But while the beard remains, its many styles keep shapeshifting. So for this season, we are bringing to you the hottest beard styles currently in vogue. Bring on the suaveness!

The Casual Stubblecasual stubble beard

Popularly known as the ‘5 o’clock shadow’, this classic, timeless look has a cult following today, with a number of A-listers making this their style statement. After all, it’s the easiest to achieve. All you need to do is skip shaving for a couple of days, that’s all. If you have dark hair, your super sexy stubble will show faster than those with light hair. Another reason the stubble has stood the test of time is versatility. If you’re in the corporate world and are not allowed to sport a long beard, this is the ideal business casual look. It’s best to keep your stubble close above the Adam’s apple lest it looks untidy. Although a stubble may not need rigorous maintenance, a regular trim and a dose of moisturizer will keep it in good shape.

The Business Beardbusiness with beard

Also known as the Corporate Beard, this look gives a dashing CEO vibe. It is not only office-friendly but also gives a neat, refined look and adds the essential seriousness quotient to your personality without being overtly rigid. But keep in mind, to maintain this dynamic style, you will have to cultivate the art of trimming around your cheek line and neckline for that impeccable, sharp look. Ensure to keep the flyaways at bay, else your beard will end up looking scruffy and unprofessional. A good beard trimmer is a super handy tool. It may take a while to grow this beard, but in the end, it’s totally worth the wait.

The Van Dyke Beardvan dyke beard

Named after a famous Flemish artist, the Van Dyke beard is quirky in every sense. It combines a moustache and a goatee, with clean-shaven cheeks. The trick here is to form an inverted ‘T’ on the chinstrap and trim it into a ‘V’ shape. You can add your own touch of whimsy to this look. A handlebar or no handlebar, soul patch or no soul patch, the choice is yours. But there are two things you need to remember to ace this look. Maintain a clear distinction between the beard and the moustache, and always ensure your goatee tapers to a fine point. This is the true hallmark of a Van Dyke beard. Needless to say, this whimsical beard is somewhere between sophisticated and swap.

The Circle Beardman with circle beard

More famously known as the Goatee, this one is a classic. This non-committal style is perfect for those who don’t want to let go of their beard completely. Easy to grow, this style surrounds the mouth, right up to the chin, to ensure that the moustache, soul patch, and goatee look seamless. This look is classy and presentable and works well in a corporate or casual setting. Goatees suit best for those with round or long faces. That’s because they mimic the natural form of style. Sported by the who’s who of tinsel town, the Goatee has stood the test of time, fabulously so. Remember to keep it in shape with a good beard trimmer, and a regular beard oil massage.

The BeardStacheman with beard and moustache

The Beardstache is a cool cocktail of a strong moustache and a stubble, with the former, intentionally kept longer. Like a strong opinion, you can love it or hate it but definitely can’t ignore it. One of the hottest facial trends, this one has been rocking the beard scene for a while now. It is unconventional, yet not overtly radiant. It exudes a sense of personality that is confident and self-assured. This style is what you call getting the best of both worlds, and looking your best too. So if you have a thick moustache, and a prominent upper lip, you can so rock this look. Many serious men of Hollywood do so handsomely. It offers a rough yet well-put-together look that compliments your masculinity.

man with long beardThe Corona Beard

This quarantine style needs no explanation. The Corona Beard is exactly what it sounds like. You simply let your beard grow, without trimming or shaving, at least for two weeks. After that, you can decide your next line of action – keep it or trim it. This cool style of 2021 is low-maintenance and au naturel. While you don’t need to do much, you could probably run a beard comb through it once in a while to untangle the knots and rescue lost crumbs. Since you’re going for that raw look, keep in mind that there’s a thin line between a scruffy beard and a mess. Find that line. Make sure your beard is clean and looked after. It may be a hassle-free look but it still needs some grooming.

A Beard Style for Every Face

  • Oval Face – Lucky you! You can try almost any style and rock it to perfection.
  • Square Face – Avoid sideburns and keep your hair from becoming too full on the cheeks.
  • Round Face – The trick is to lengthen your face, so keep your beard longer at the chin, and shorter at the cheeks.
  • Triangular Face – Since you already have a prominent chin, choose a style that draws attention away from the jawline.
  • Diamond Face – Make sure you don’t style your hair too pointedly at your chin.
  • Heart-shaped Face – Let your beard grow on the neck, ideally a little above your Adam’s apple.

We hope these smashing styles will help you rock 2021 with panache. The best part about sporting a beard is that there is a style for every man. And remember, a beard is like your personality. It grows on you, quite literally so. So go on and celebrate the art of manliness. After all, beard love never ends, it only grows.

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