The ultimate guide to beard grooming


With great beards come great responsibility – of growing it, and more importantly, grooming it. Yes, there is a thin line of difference between looking shabby and looking sophisticated. While growing a beard may seem easy, grooming it is hard work. But the results are worth it. But don’t get frazzled.

If debonair looks are what you aspire, here are some ‘real dude clues’ to sport your style and get your look just right.

Beard care


So, you want to grow a beard? Great! But the fact is, you don’t just need the will and time, you need patience too. There are no tricks to hasten this one. Everyone’s facial hair grows at different speeds. But on average, facial hair grows at a leisurely pace of half an inch per month. In the end, patience and love will help you maximize the potential of your beard.


An itchy stubble is common when you first grow your beard. That’s because shaving leaves tiny spears on the tip of each hair.

Once your beard starts to grow, the tougher bristles scrape against the edges of the follicles causing it to itch. But before you decide to give up and shave it all off, try using beard oils and moisturizers to soften your skin and keep your skin hydrated.

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Grooming your beard is more than a skill. It’s an art. A well-groomed trimmed beard gives it the desired shape and keeps it looking neat and well-maintained. The way to trim it is, to begin with, the longest hair and then bring it down gradually. And contrary to the myth, trimming will never slow down growth. In fact, trimming indicates progress, which shows that your beard is growing well and needs regular maintenance and trims.
Here’s a bro-tip – To achieve the perfect trim, make an L-shape with your thumb and index finger (where the thumb comes in contact with the neck). Hair above the thumb can be trimmed, while anything below can remain.


Keep your beard looking its best by brushing it regularly. This will help to exfoliate your face and evenly distribute natural oils throughout your facial hair. It will also straighten your beard hair and train your hair to grow downwards, instead of outwards. Brushing helps in nourishing your beard and boosting your look.


Cleanliness is an absolute must when it comes to a sassy beard. It not only helps to reduce oiliness but also effectively removes the build-up of dirt, grime, and pollution. Wash it every day, come what may. Use beard grooming products to nourish it and keep it healthy. Regular trims will ensure it’s always stylish and debonair.

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A good beard begins with a good diet. The goal is to eat the right foods to fuel beard growth. Drink lots of water, load up Omega and Vitamin C, get your daily dose of Vitamin D, munch on nuts, and exercise regularly. A good diet combined with less stress will work wonders in inducing beard growth.


Beard styles

To sport a rocking beard, it is important to choose a style that suits your face. Here’s a ready reckoner to get you started.

Oval Face

You are the lucky ones. Any style will look good on you. Short beards, long beards, full beards – go for it!

Round Face

Pick a style that will give your face some length. A longer beard will work wonders.

Oblong Face

Try and avoid a style that will make your face look longer. Opt for shorter beards (but not too far below your chin). If you prefer a full-grown beard, allow it to grow horizontally instead of vertically. This will add width to your face.

Square Face 

Stay away from styles that will make your face look wider. Go for a closely cropped beard.

Diamond Face

If you have wide cheekbones but a narrow jaw and brow lines, a full beard will look great. This will help expand your jawline.

Triangle Face

If you have a wide jawline but narrow cheekbones that get narrower at the forehead, choose stubble. A beard will accentuate your jawline and forehead even more.

Sporting a beard is super fun, but it also requires care and effort to make it look smashing. With these tips, rest assured you’ll have a compliment-worthy beard that will take your game to the next level. Step up your game and ensure your beard is full of awesomeness, always. Look your best, and take on the world. Keep calm, grow that beard, and power on!

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