Vaginal hygiene during monsoon – Do’s and Don’ts

Vaginal hygiene

With the monsoon comes different infections that we may or may not realize. This wet season is a call to action not just for colds and flu but also for feminine hygiene, specifically vaginal hygiene.

The thing about rains is that the resulting moisture in the atmosphere can turn certain parts of your body, mainly your private parts, into an overdrive resulting in infections and itchy, smelly irritation. If not treated soon the infection can turn into fungal discharge which at times can turn into a recurring problem such as urinary tract infection. Vaginal Candidiasis can be your arch enemy unless you take care of your feminine hygiene. Enjoy the cloudburst as we share some easy, breezy way to safeguard yourself from this malady.

Keep yourself dry to maintain vaginal hygiene 

Dry, dry, dry is the word. Pat yourself completely dry especially your vaginal area. Wet pubic hair and body fluids trapped together in a season that is already wet can spell trouble.

Tip: Keep aside a different towel with good absorbing power for down under.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Having said the above, keep aside those tight-fitting jeans, shorts, and synthetic clothes aside. These taut clothes hinder airflow and cause sweating. In this suffocating setting, the bacteria flourish.

Tip: Wear clothes that breathe (cotton preferably) even if they fit you well. Ensure that your movements are comfortable and not restricted.

Damp underwear

Monsoon increases the moisture in the atmosphere. At some point in time during the season, we all battle with damp clothes/inners that take days to dry. If your underwear is even slightly damp, air it out till it is crispy dry before you wear it again.

Tip: Better still invest in a few more lovely inners and play safely while you keep the vaginal maladies at bay.

Clean after urinating to ensure vaginal hygiene

Wipe your private zone after urinating. Not doing so can, in some cases, lead to bad odour and infection.

Tips: Keep some tissues or wipes with you which are used only for this purpose. Easy to carry, you can use it anytime you feel the need. Ask your gynaecologist to suggest some such wipes for private areas. You can also use intimate hygiene wash and wave bye-bye to bad odour, itching, and other health hazards this season!

Wiping technique

After using the toilet, wipe yourself front to back and not the other way around. You don’t want germs from the anus to enter the vagina, hence be watchful how you clean. Also remember, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, so use soap or other detergents wisely and don’t shake up the vaginal pH balance.

Sanitary napkins/tampons

Go for cotton sanitary napkins or tampons during that time of the month. They decrease the itchy feeling as well as rashes.

Protection during sex

Bacteria in and around the vagina can enter your body during sex.

Tip: Hence wash well before climbing on the bed and use condoms (unless you are trying for a baby) for some protection against possible infection.

Good Diet for vaginal hygiene

The classic advice…take a good diet and probiotics. Probiotics support the growth of healthy bacteria in the vagina.

The last word, despite everything, if the problems persist, seek medical help. Happy monsoon to you all.

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