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There is nothing more flattering than a glorious cascade of mane. And when you have a proud mop of voluminous waves, it’s even more reason to rejoice. Even though wavy hair gives you a distinct look, and you’re constantly being complimented for your irresistible tresses, taking care of them can be quite another story.

Textured and frizzy, wavy hair needs a lot of care. It falls in the dry category which results in it looking crimped and dehydrated. This is why it needs a fair amount of TLC to keep it bouncing with health. Thankfully, it is not as difficult as it sounds. We’ve prepared an easy list of care tips and styles to follow, so your waves can make waves.

But before we begin, let’s answer the million-dollar question. Yes, wavy hair is different from curly hair. Wavy hair looks flatter when it is close to the scalp. From there onwards, the loops begin to appear. If left uncombed, such hair looks blown out and uncombed. The difference being that curly hair is usually sets of close-knit spirals whereas wavy hair forms an ‘S’ shape.

So let’s begin with caring for your wavy hair. Wavy hair is a cross between straight and curly. It’s a fantastic hair type that looks stunning, and with the right maintenance, it’ll remain just as stunning for a long, long time. Read on and find out how.

1. An oil massage

The OG of haircare, an oil massage will never go out of style. This time-tested beauty regime has taken care of many a curl. Once a week, apply warm (not hot) oil to your scalp and gently massage in circular movements. This will boost blood circulation to the scalp which in turn will keep your roots healthy, soft, and strong. And it goes without saying, that strong roots mean strong hair.

2. Choose the right shampoo

Irrespective of your hair texture shampooing is a must. It helps remove build-up like grime and impurities and keeps the scalp clean. That being said, you need to choose a specifically formulated shampoo for wavy hair. Go for frizz-free hair cleaners/shampoo that will also moisturize your crowning glory. You can also opt for shampoo meant for dry hair. Don’t be too rough on your hair. Be gentle when washing.

3. Always use a conditioner

This step is a must. Slather your hair with a deep conditioner and pay extra attention especially to the tips of your hair. The frizz of wavy hair tends to break the edge of the hair leading to split-ends. So, when the tips are conditioned, the breakages are less.

4. Don’t forget a serum

Wavy hair is usually drier than most and lacks moisture. That’s why serums are perfect to give it the much-desired moisture boost. Moreover, it can elevate the shine, control the frizz and protect your hair from damage. Opt for a serum that contains Keratin.

5. Stay away from hair dryers

Hairdryers are a convenience but they are also damaging. The heat from the hairdryer can damage the cuticles of your hair. This is why it is wise to opt for air-drying, which means, naturally drying your hair.

6. Hot water is a no-no

Hot water may feel relaxing but it will strip your hair of moisture and leave it dry and fragile. When you rinse your hair with cool water, it will seal the cuticles, close pores, and prevent impurities from entering the scalp. Moreover, it will help seal in the much-needed moisture.

7. Choose the right brush

If you have wavy hair, choose a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush. These combs are designed to go through thick, rough hair with minimal breakages. It will also give your hair a tidy, manageable look. You can also finger-comb your hair which is as gentle and effective in managing your waves.

Now that you know how to care for those pretty waves, here are 4 easy-breezy looks you can fashion and get heads turning.

Check out some A-list styles you must try:

1. The high ponytail

This is a great hairstyle to add a dash of flair to your bouncy waves. Gather your hair in a ponytail and secure it with an attractive clip or band. If you have flyaways, keep them in place with bobby pins. Puff your ponytail with your fingers to give it some volume. Pull a couple of strands and let them gently frame your face. Another alternative is a side ponytail which is equally attractive and is sure to set hearts aflutter.

2. The classic bun

This is one step beyond the High Ponytail. All you need to do is wrap your ponytail in a bun and wear a hairband around it. For the extra measure, pull out a few strands from the front to get the carefully careless look. Tousle your hair just a bit to look absolutely irresistible.
Another version is to wear the bun low, closer to the back of your neck. This look is extremely elegant and works best for occasions and formal dos. Again, let a couple of stands frame your fame for that lovely wabi-sabi look.

3. The messy top knot

If you got curls, flaunt them, girl! And this fabulous hairdo lets you do exactly that. It’s bohemian, fun, and super feminine. And of course, utterly simple. Divide your hair into two sections – top and bottom. Take the top section of your hair and tie a bun. Secure it with bobby pins so it stays put. Keep the bottom half of your hair loose and let your curls do the talking.

4. The braid

A braid never goes out of style. It’s sensuous, feminine and perhaps, quirky even. You can play up your curls in the classic braid or try the edgier fishtail braid. Decorate your hair with pretty pearls and fancy accessories. This will not only tame down those gorgeous, voluminous waves but will give you a stylish, wind-kissed look.

5. Wavy bangs

These bangs, aka fringe, are all sorts of cool. They will not only add oodles of oomph to your hair but will also give you an absolutely flaunt-worthy and effortlessly stylish look. All you got to do is tease those waves with a generous dollop of mousse and enjoy the compliments that will come your way.

Apart from following these tips, remember, accept and love the incredible texture of your wavy hair. Let your hair loose and allow your gorgeous waves to bounce with joy. Flaunt your well-maintained waves and let anyone dull your shine or that of your hair. Enjoy your happy hair days!

To find out what hairstyle to flaunts. here’s a good guide.

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  1. This blog post is an excellent resource for anyone with wavy hair. The tips and advice provided are thorough and well-researched, ensuring that anyone following them will see positive results in their hair. The emphasis on avoiding high heat and using the right products is particularly noteworthy, as these are two crucial elements for keeping wavy hair healthy and defined. The recommendation of using a sea salt spray to add texture and define the waves is also a great idea, as this is a product that can make a big difference for wavy hair. Overall, I think this blog post is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their wavy hair care routine. The information provided is easy to understand and implement, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of their hair care knowledge. Whether you are a seasoned hair care pro or just starting out, this blog post is an invaluable resource that is sure to help you achieve the best possible results for your wavy hair.

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