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Different dog breeds and how to care for them

One of the trends that our country saw during the coronavirus-led lockdown was people adopting pets. Many breeders reported that sales of puppies and kittens went up during the lockdown while rescue shelters also reported a barrage of adoptions. Research has proven that having a pet in the house can make a lot of difference to the mental, physical and general well-being of a family or an individual. The uncertainty of lockdowns, fear of disease, social isolation, as well as a disturbed work-life balance with work-from-home becoming a norm, have led many people to seek solace with their furry friends.

If you are looking to bring a dog into your family, it would be ideal to understand the different breeds and how to care for each one of them so that you are not caught off-guard. We are going to list out a few popular and common breeds of dogs that are ideal for Indian families along with how to care for them. This should help you make an informed decision.

1) Golden Retrievers

Medium-sized, strong and good-looking, golden retrievers are considered one of the best breeds to bring into a family in India. They are caring, smart, obedient, train extremely well, and are soothing towards babies, the elderly, and persons with special needs. They can also be trained as watchdogs, for competitions, and as companion dogs for the specially-abled.

While they eat any normal Indian food, it is ideal to start with branded puppy or dog food. They need a fairly decent amount of exercise and healthy food as they are susceptible to heart diseases and hyperthyroidism. Due to their glossy and furry coats, they need a lot of regular grooming. Without regular bathing, grooming and vaccinations, they may easily contract viral or bacterial infections.

2) Beagles

Beagle is a friendly, smart, and very cute breed of dog which is also quite popular in India. The fact that it is a relatively small-sized dog even in adulthood makes it very common in cities where people live in apartments. It is known for its strong sense of smell and agile body with a tricolored or white coat of short hair.

Due to the agility and energy this small tyke has, it requires a lot of exercise. Beagles need to eat healthy food that is the right mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food groups. As such, due to their size and a genetic predisposition, beagles are prone to hip dysplasia. As your beagle gets older, you need to ensure that it is not jumping from a height or landing wrongly on its feet.

It is short-haired but that makes its skin susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. A regular bathing and grooming regimen is a must for beagles.

3) Rottweilers

If you are looking for protector dogs that are fierce, loyal as well as smart, Rottweilers are your ultimate choice. These dogs have big bodies, with tremendous strength and fiercely loyal behavior. They can be easily socialized from puppyhood and make a great addition to the family.

Rottweilers have a black and brown mixed coat with short hair. However, they tend to shed a lot of hair, which is why regular grooming to remove the dead undercoat is highly important. As they have big bodies, their metabolism rate is also quite high. They need a lot of healthy food with regular snacks and treats in between along with a lot of fresh water. As these are primarily working dogs, they also need a lot of exercise.

As they get older, they are prone to osteosarcoma and other bones and muscles related illnesses. It is important to keep them exercised, well-fed, and groomed for a longer and healthier life.

4) Shih Tzu

A companion dog to the core, Shih Tzu is known for its distinctive looks. They have long-haired glossy shiny coats all over their bodies and are ideal for families with children. Due to their smaller sizes, they are also excellent for small apartments.

As they are long-haired, they require regular bathing, drying, grooming, and hair cuts. Some Shih Tzu is said to bark excessively, but they are prone to react to extreme heat causing such behavior. They need healthy food and lots of water to remain hydrated. They need just enough exercise and are mostly playful and friendly.

Bringing a pet into a family is almost like having a new baby. You need to prepare for all its needs and it is best to know what you are getting into beforehand. Hope our tips help!


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