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Best gifts for a baby shower

Let’s get this straight first. Choosing gifts for someone is one of the most arduous processes ever. And if you are choosing gifts for a mother-to-be or a new mother then this arduous task just gets even tougher. Unless one has been a parent, it is difficult to choose great and thoughtful baby shower gifts. You do not wish to go to the event with unnecessary baby shower gifts for the mom. On the other hand, you honestly do not know what to gift them that would be useful in the various phases of being new parents.

As such, it is difficult to choose baby shower gifts in India, without knowing the gender of the baby. These days there are various options of either getting a single item or vouchers from mommy and baby shops or even customized hampers for the new moms. These are available as DIY baby shower gifts or from online shopping websites. The one thing that most people try to keep in mind while choosing a baby shower gift, whether it is for a baby boy or girl, is uniqueness and practicality. This is where customized hampers and DIY gifts come into play. With their creative baby shower gift ideas, themes of joy and fun, these make for some best baby shower gifts.

We are going to list a few items that can make thoughtful gifts for a baby shower.

1) Gifts for the mom-to-be

If you have a baby shower event coming up on your calendar, you would be thinking about what to buy. In most cases, people end up buying something for the new baby than the new mom-to-be. A great gift would be something that the mom-to-be could use either as a mother or as an individual. Thinking on practical lines, you can always gift her maternity dresses, nursing dresses, or even massage and/or spa treatment vouchers. Apart from these, you can gift her a set of organic skincare or haircare products. As a new mom, she would be happy with the products that she can use for herself without much fuss. A lovely fragrance, scented candles, diaper bags, baby carrier, nursing pillow, etc. would be items that she would greatly appreciate as a new mom. Another thoughtful gift would be a great set of female hygiene products, like intimate powders and intimate cleansers. Between feeding a baby and sleepless nights, a new mother would love some fuss-free products to care for herself. A set of general protection products like sanitizers, sanitizing sprays, masks, surface sanitizers, etc. to clean the surroundings is also a good idea. New moms want nothing more than to protect their tiny bundles of joy from infections and they would appreciate such thoughtful gifts. Pregnant women are also prone to infections themselves and so products like intimate powers and

2) Hampers

Hampers are often customized baskets of goodies that can contain anything from chocolates and fruits to gold and even money. If you have a baby shower event, you can easily buy an already-set hamper, or get one customized with the choicest items available in the market, or build one yourself from scratch. One of the most recent hampers I saw a friend receive contained everything from healthy snacks and premium chocolates to onesies and babycare products. There are also ultimate head-to-toe gift sets put together especially for the needs of moms-to-be. For a customised basket, you find healthy food items that are specifically made from pregnant women and new moms, such as Foxtail Millet & Walnut Cookies and Energy Bars for Lactating mothers. You can add exotic candies, skincare or haircare products, cosmetics, bath care items, or general baby care products to your fancy and all-encompassing gift basket. Just buy a beautiful gift box and fill it up with individual items to follow a theme. A hamper is as thoughtful as exciting when filled with little fantastic goodies.

3) Plants

An eco-friendly and thoughtful gift for any event, gifting plants for weddings and corporate events have become a common thing over the past few years. Having a plant in your bedroom or the baby’s room can cheer it up. Keeping in mind this idea, beautiful plants set in lovely planters can make unique baby shower gifts for a mom-to-be. You can decide whether you want to gift some ornamental plant or you can always go for microgreens for your more health-conscious friends.

The fact that you put so much thought into their gifts is bound to make them happy. Hope our gifting ideas help you shower your love and good wishes at a time when every expectant mother needs it the most. Happy gifting to you!

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