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Tea Wonders: Mulethi, Cardamom, and Rose

As tea has been a relief to various sorts for a long time, different flavors of tea provide specific solutions. Let us check out some flavors that are beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.


Mulethi or licorice has been used in tea for a long time due to its various health benefits. Added to either milk or just plain water, sweet-tasting mulethi is part of Ayurvedic medicine. It can be mixed with either ginger, rose, lemon, or cardamom to brew various varieties.


Digestion: Mulethi gets its sweet taste from glycyrrhizin, a component present in the plant. This particular component is said to work wonders for digestion by acting as an antacid. Mulethi can relieve acidity by reducing irritation and discomfort. That is why mulethi tea is considered the best solution for digestive issues.

Immunity: Mulethi is an important ingredient to add to your routine if you are looking to boost your immunity. With various components including glycyrrhizin, mulethi helps strengthen your body and ward off infections.

Menstrual pain: A great natural remedy to relieve menstrual cramps, mulethi tea works as a muscle relaxant due to its antispasmodic properties. It can relieve menstrual pain and give you comfort.

Dental health: If you see any herbal toothpaste, it will definitely contain mulethi as an ingredient. This is because mulethi contains antimicrobial components that ensure healthy teeth, gums, and mouth. Consuming mulethi tea regularly can help with bad breath, cavities, and even swollen gums.

Memory: Some of the major ailments of old age are related to memory loss. Regular consumption of mulethi tea can prevent this by increasing brainpower. It can help increase concentration and focus and enhance memory.

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A quintessential Indian tea flavour, cardamom is common in many Indian households. Whether it is green tea, plain milk tea, or just black tea, cardamom can add a special essence to it. From just adding green cardamom to mixing it up with clove, turmeric, masala, and ginger, cardamom tea is great for tea connoisseurs who love its taste and aroma.


Weight loss: Cardamom is said to be an excellent support for digestive processes. It prevents a buildup of fat in the liver by processing waste quickly. This helps in maintaining a fit body and thereby works on weight loss. Cardamom also prevents obesity by improving glucose intolerance and preventing abdominal fats from getting deposited. It also helps control diabetes and bad LDL cholesterol.

Oral health: Cardamom is said to be an excellent solution for all ailments related to oral health. It inhibits bacterial growth on teeth, gums, and the tongue. It also helps strengthen the tooth enamel and prevents cavities, plaque buildup, and other teeth issues. Cardamom is known for properties that prevent bad breath. It is also known for being a deterrent for smoking as it mimics the effects of nicotine addiction. This helps in managing nicotine withdrawal symptoms like dysphoria, anxiety, and stress.

Immunity: Cardamom is packed with antioxidants that help build a strong immune system. Drinking a cup of cardamom tea regularly can prevent the common cold and flu.

Heart health: With heavy potassium properties, cardamom is said to be great for heart health. Potassium is a vasodilator that works to reduce inflammation and pressure on arteries. Cardamom, thereby, helps keep blood pressure in check. It also helps improve blood circulation and keeps a check on heart attacks and blood clots.

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With the huge number of species and varieties, almost all roses are edible. Rose tea is made by drying and crushing rose petals and rosebuds which are then used to brew tea. The aromatic and herbal rose tea is considered to be highly beneficial to our health.


Menstrual cramps: Rose has been used as a menstrual pain reliever in Chinese medicine for centuries. Though no research exists in this regard, rose tea is said to work in relieving menstrual pain, fatigue, stress, and promoting general well-being.

Antioxidants: Roses are rich in antioxidants as they contain polyphenols. These are compounds that help fight free radicals, that cause cellular damage, stress, and aging.

Weight loss and hydration: As it is a mild flavor, you can enjoy a cup of rose tea more than one cup a day. This significantly increases water intake and thereby hydration. A good water intake can also help in weight loss by managing your metabolism.

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With so many flavors and related great health benefits, a true tea lover is quite spoilt for choice.

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