The ultimate guide to Bridal makeup

So, you’ve found the one. Congratulations! We’re glad Mr Perfect swept you off your feet. But now what awaits you is another roller coaster—planning the wedding! You’ve gone through every checklist a gazillion times and looked over your planner another million, and yet we bet you’re fretting. So if you’re one step away from becoming Bridezilla, here’s a friendly reminder—relax and breathe. We’ve got better looks for you.

While all other things will fall into place, let’s get one thing sorted— your makeup. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. So to ease the stress of getting this one right, we’ve put together a checklist for you. That’s right! Here’s everything you need to know about bridal makeup. So, keep calm and keep reading.

First things first

Before you embark on your trial makeup session, be sure to have a clean complexion. Take care of your diet and beauty routine so that there are no last-minute acne breakouts. Drink enough water, stay hydrated, meditate and relax. If you’re are a winter bride, keep your lips soft and supple with a lip balm.

Makeup essentials for Indian brides

The art of makeup is legendary. It can transform not just your face, but your confidence and attitude too. This is why choosing the right makeup on your big day is so important. You need to look your best and feel your best.

Here is a list of essentials you absolutely must-have in your bridal makeup arsenal.

1. Toner

Kickstart your day on a clean slate. A Toner will only remove excess oil from your skin but will also help to tighten pores and restore your skin’s pH levels.

How to use: Take a cotton ball and pour toner over it. Apply on face and neck.

2. Primer

This is the first and the most essential step before you reach out for the colours. Primers prepare the base and ensure long-lasting makeup. As a bride, you’ll be amid the spotlight, cameras and of course, in heavy bridal trousseau, so you may begin to perspire. Luckily, a Primer will make sure your makeup looks fresher for longer.

How to use: Take a small amount of Primer and start at the centre of your face and move outwards, dabbing gently with your fingertips.

3. Concealer

Grab it to hide it! Conceal those dark spots, age spots, blemishes, pimples worry lines, dark circles, acne spots or any other imperfection on your skin. A concealer will hide them all and ensure that the camera catches nothing but your perfect, pretty face.

How to use: Apply several dots under your eyes and gently blend with your fingers.

4. Foundation

Give your skin a uniform base with a Foundation. Pick one that suits your skin tone and opt for a matte shade. Matte foundations will help hide the oil on your skin and smooth large pores, giving you a gorgeous natural finish all day long.

How to use: Apply the foundation with a makeup brush and then blend it well with a sponge. Apply it very light especially on those areas where the skin gets oily and shiny.

5. Compact

Once you’ve aced the foundation, follow it up with a compact. This will help fix the foundation. Remember, don’t go for a shade lighter than your skin tone as this will make your skin look grey. Deft use of foundation and concealer can give contour to your face.

How to apply: Choose a shade that matches your skin tone and gently dab all over the face.

6. Highlighter

Add that luminous bridal glow with some shimmer and shine. Highlighter pigments attract light, which makes your face appear brighter. Highlighter pigments attract light, giving you a brighter, lit-from-within look.

How to use: You apply it over your foundation and before using the concealer to enhance the features which are naturally lit up by the sun – above your eyebrows, brow bone, cheekbones and the bow of the lip, and on your nose. This will give you a fabulous, sculpted look.

7. Blush

Blush works like magic in accentuating your bridal quotient and giving it the much-needed oomph. It gives a natural flush to your cheeks and gives you a glowing complexion.

How to use: Make a C-shape on your cheekbones. Lightly brush your nose and the temple, for a dose of freshness.

8. Lipsticks

Lipsticks are ever-essential items in a bride’s beauty arsenal. Be sure to pick a shade that matches your skin tone as well as your bridal trousseau. You can either opt for matte or glossy shades.

How to use: Draw an ‘X’ on your cupid’s bow for a precise line. You can even outline your lips and then fill them with the colour you desire.

For your eyes only

Eyes are the windows to our soul, and possibly what your soulmate will stare into as you take your vows together. Here’s your chance to highlight your defining feature and pick from a variety of styles – sensuous, smokey, cat-eye, winged-eye, gradient, it’s all there. And here’s a list of handy products that will help you create any dramatic or demure style you desire.

1. Eyeshadow palette

Why stick to one colour when you can enjoy a whole palette? A colourful palette will not only widen your choice but will also help you mix and match to create a contrast of sorts. Choose from warm and cool tones, mattes and metallics, you can play up your eyes in flattering shades and stunning finishes.

How to use: Start from the inner corner of your eye and swipe outwards. Blend well. Blending is key to getting the perfect finish.

2. Eyeliner

Nothing defines eyes better than kajal or kohl. You can use it to accentuate your eyes or add a dramatic effect. Choose from winged eye or cat-eyes, in a range of colours, as you flutter your lashes at your soulmate.

How to use: Apply it to your waterline or your lash line. Start outwards and gently move inwards, steadily.

3. Mascara

For those long and beautiful lashes, Mascara is key. It adds volume to your lashes making them look bigger and thicker. It also accentuates the eyes for a dramatic look.

How to use: Start from the base of your upper lashes. Wiggle it back and forth, and coat all the way to the top.

Other bridal essentials

1. Bindi

A Bindi is not only considered as an auspicious sign of marriage but is also accentuates a bride’s look. There are a ton of varieties of bindis available. Pick and choose what best suits your style.

How to use: Pick a bindi of your choice and apply it in the centre of your forehead, between your eyebrows.

2. Manicures & pedicures

Besides giving your hands and feet a neat, clean look, and manicures and pedicures are also very relaxing. It will remove all the unwanted impurities from your hands and feet and have them look as gorgeous as you.

How to use: Cut your nails and soak your hands or feet in a tub of warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then file and buff your nails. Finish with a moisturizing cream.

What makeup mistakes should you avoid?

  • Get a professional MUA especially if it is a destination wedding.
  • A makeup trial is necessary. You don’t want goof-ups on your D-Day.
  • Ensure that your makeup matches not just your trousseau
    but your skin tone too. Any shade that you apply on your face, whether it is foundation or eyeshade it has to match your complexion too.
  • Wear waterproof makeup. You don’t want tears or sweat ruining your makeup or your big day.
  • Unless you want to go OTT with makeup, pick light shades for daytime and darker ones for the evening.
  • Never overdo your eyebrows.
  • Be certain that it is not just the face that is getting made. Body makeup for your hands, neck – front and back, and all the exposed parts need to have makeup.
  • If you have to thread your upper lip, see that it is not a day before your wedding.
  • Don’t forget your makeup remover.

What type of makeup is best for Indian brides?

1. Bridal HD makeup

The Bridal HD makeup is perfect for any bride to accentuate her inner sparkle and shine on her big day. It involves manually blending the makeup to make the complexion look flawless. The best part is that this light-diffusing makeup can blur the light when it bounces back.

2. Bridal airbrush makeup

Airbrush make-up is done by using sprays than sponges. Foundation is poured into an airgun and then sprayed on the bride’s face. This makeup is almost touch-free and gives a luminous radiance.

3. Mineral bridal makeup

This is organic makeup, without wax or oil addictives, that is lighter on your skin, and is closer to your natural look. This works best if you have sensitive skin or want to try the organic route on your D-day.

What to keep in mind before choosing your bridal package?

  • Budget: Professional packages are expensive, so it’s best to scout those that fit your budget.
  • Trial: Always ensure you get a trial makeup done before your D-day. This will help you evaluate your look and avoid last-minute panic.
  • Skin problems: If you’re allergic to a product or have skin issues, it’s best to inform the makeup artist about it. Better still, consult a dermatologist for better guidance.
  • Additional Services: Do enquire about additional services. Many makeup professionals also include hair and saree-draping in their packages.
  • Recommendations: Before finalizing your makeup professional, it’s best to seek reviews, or ask for recommendations.

So dear Indian brides, here’s all you need to know before you begin an exciting new journey with your beloved. Whatever makeup you choose, let your inner beauty shine. Because happiness is the best thing you can wear to your wedding. Glow on, girl!

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