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How difficult is it to sit next to a bowlful of snacks and keep your hands to yourself? Plenty difficult, we bet! This is the dilemma most of us face in our daily lives. Snacks have always received a bad rap. Most diets consider them to be roadblocks along the way to achieving fitness goals. And while snacks are a treat for the taste buds, they are often considered a threat to the body. We’re here to break such misconceptions!

Good snacks with good ingredients might not be wasteful after all. For instance, millet-based snacks add a whole lot of nutrition into the mix as well. So if you’re looking for a quick & healthy snack that does not end in guilt, we’ve got just the list for you. But first, let’s see what millets have to offer.

Health benefits of consuming millets

Millets, such as Ragi, Banyard, Foxtail, Sorghum, Kodo, and the likes, are considered to be powerhouses of nutrients. From being a rich source of protein to containing an abundance of dietary fibres, millets are a blessing if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet. With the diverse range of nutrients, millets bring many health benefits to the table. Here are a few of them:

  • Helps in weight control: If you constantly struggle to keep snacks at bay during a diet, millet-based snacks are your thing. Since the calorie content of millets is low, you can brush past the worries of consuming an extra piece of your favourite millet-based snack. Also, millets are excellent for weight loss.
    Studies have shown that the carbohydrates present in millets keep you satiated for longer than others. Thus, consuming them makes you feel full for longer, preventing overeating.
  • Improves digestion: As mentioned above, millets are filled with dietary fibres, and the majority of these fibres are insoluble. Insoluble fibres are also widely known as “prebiotic”, which means that they aid the good bacteria present in your digestive system.
    This helps to get rid of problems like constipation, bloating, cramping, etc. Millets ensure the regular digestion and elimination of waste from your body. This keeps your kidney, liver, and immune system healthy.
  • Maintains blood sugar level: Being a diabetic patient is challenging; you have to make a ton of adjustments to your eating habits. But the good news is millets are great for maintaining the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.
  • Millets have a low glycemic index. Because of the low GI value and being slow carbohydrates, millets don’t cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.
  • Controls cholesterol level: Consuming millets prevents excess fat storage as it increases the good fat percentage in your body. By doing so, it effectively reduces the risk of high cholesterol, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases.
    Millets also have a good potassium content which regulates your blood pressure and optimises the circulatory system.

5 ready-to-eat tasty and healthy millet-based snacks

To help you understand the range of GoodDiet snacks better, here is a list of snacks that you can purchase straight away to enjoy a guilt-free snacking session. Also, you would be glad to know that all of these products contain no added colour, flavours, or preservatives. Adding to that, they are completely gluten-free and trans-fat-free.

GoodDiet Millet Murukku

A healthy savoury delight

The classic golden-brown snack filled with the goodness of millets and the right sprinkle of mouth-watering spices can be your favourite tea-time companion. This South Indian snack is a crunchy delight to your taste buds and is super healthy.

The GoodDiet Millet Murukku is prepared with 44% millet and other top-quality ingredients. It is entirely gluten and trans-fat free and contains a good amount of protein. Serve this at a family gathering or enjoy it solo on a rainy evening. Once the package is opened, make sure to store it in a dry airtight container.

GoodDiet Millet namkeen chivda

Say hello to the healthy namkeen

Chivda is one of the favourite snacks in India. The alluring taste of chivda meets the goodness of healthy millets to bring the GoodDiet Millet namkeen chivda.
This snack is a classic combination of healthy and tasty ingredients like Kodo Millet Flakes, Cashew, Asafoetida, etc.

The GoodDiet Millet namkeen chivda is known for its savoury taste and the rich blend of exotic spices that gives a nice sweet & sour taste. It is prepared with 71% millets and other good-quality ingredients, making it a fantastic source of proteins and dietary fibres. This product is an excellent addition to your snack menu, and you can enjoy it, especially during a rainy evening with a cup of piping hot tea.

GoodDiet Millet Ribbon Pakoda

A stunning alternative to murukku

Imagine a plate of golden brown ribbons made from Kodo millet, Rice Flour Bengal Gram, Sesame Fried Gram, seasoned with spices like chilli powder, cumin, and more. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

The GoodDiet Millet Ribbon Pakoda is a fantastic alternative for the classic murukku. Like the GoodDiet Millet Murukku, the ribbon pakoda is prepared with 44% millet and other quality ingredients to keep the healthy part intact. Like all GoodDiet snacks, the GoodDiet Millet Ribbon Pakoda is also gluten and trans-fat-free and contains a good amount of protein and dietary fibres. You can simply open the pack, serve, and viola, your snack is ready.

GoodDiet Millet Mini Nippattu/Mathri

A tasty source of protein

Mathri is a traditional delicacy from the roots of Karnataka, and when it gets the healthy touch of millets, we couldn’t be happier. This crispy cracker is a classic favourite in almost all Indian households and is widely prepared during the occasions of Diwali and Karwa Chauth.

The GoodDiet Millet Mini Nippattu/ Mathri holds the ideal not so hard and not so soft melt in mouth crispy consistency. It is cooked from the traditionally prepared batter that contains good qualities of Kodo millets. The GoodDiet Millet Mini Mathri contains 44% millet and is ideal for fitness enthusiast.

To spice things up a bit, add some diced tomatoes, onions, and green chilli on top to make your healthy version of Papri Chat at home.

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