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Must-have kitchenware for an organised kitchen

Every human being associates the kitchen with delectable nostalgia. As the old saying goes,” kitchen is where the heart is” holds true even in today’s world of food deliveries and ready-made packaged food. Every child lingers around the kitchen to be the first one to grab hot deliciousness. But to attract the members with a variety of aromas and a “picture perfect” sight calls for a lot of hard work and stickler to time. So it is pertinent to have a hygienically clean, clutter-free, and organised kitchen. This is an era of modular kitchens. But a few things that make the kitchen aesthetically welcoming are the organisers.


Food grade plastic or metal or glass jars of various sizes help organise different ingredients used in the kitchen. Bigger 1-1.5 kg of jars can hold pulses, smaller ones of 500-gram measurement can hold condiments, and even smaller ones can hold not-so frequently used spices. Most of these jars come in many different shapes. A thumb rule to keep in mind is “a square or a round jar occupies less space”. These jars easily fit in the cupboards that most modular kitchens have. They can also be labelled for easy recognition.

Spice boxes

A convenient way to cook is to have all the frequently used spices in a box. They can be placed in a compartment near the stove or on the working slab. A small amount of spice, whole or powdered, can be refilled from time to time.


Portable racks

While most pulses, condiments or flours find a space in the cupboard, the more frequent ones are left without a proper space. One can keep small 2-tier racks to fit in these jars. There can be a rack for tea, coffee and sugar. Another small one for the frequently used sauces. One of them can also hold different types of fats or oils that are used in daily cooking. These racks can be tucked in a corner on the working slab or can be hung on the wall. Multi-tiered racks can also be used to store vegetables and fruits. These come with wheels, thus ensuring that they can be fit in any corner or in the pantry room. Racks also serve the purpose of draining, drying and storing plates and smaller utensils. Such racks can be wall-mounted or left near the sink for easy accessibility.

Wicker or bamboo baskets

Wicker or bamboo baskets are not only eco-friendly but also add a niche look to the kitchen. Such baskets are handy to store fruits, eggs, bread or just a bunch of flowers to enliven the kitchen. They can be easily moved around or kept on the dining table. They are low on maintenance and can be easily washed and cleaned.


Different sized baskets help in storing oil cans, cutlery, napkins, mini bottles of spices etc. They help in keeping the place clean and greaseless. Individual baskets can be kept nearer the stove or the sink, depending on the need for the equipment. Sharp objects like a pair of scissors, peelers and knives can be kept safely to avoid accidents.


Drawer organisers

Many kitchens come with drawers. Organisers in these drawers help to sort out forks, spoons, chopsticks or skewers. Tiny objects like clips or rubber bands that loiter around the kitchen can be assembled in these organisers.

Cleaning organisers

While most kitchen equipment is kept in a neat arrangement, mopping sticks, brooms, kitchen towels are neglected. It is always a good practice to assemble these more appropriately and orderly. The mop sticks, brooms and dustpans can be kept together in a wall-mounted holder. They can be either kept in the kitchen or can be left in a place where there is ample sunlight. These holders ensure a spick and span arrangement

A wire rack for drying kitchen towels is another necessity. One can fix the racks on the windows or wherever sunlight is maximum to air and sundry kitchen towels. A kitchen is a perfect place for germs to breed. It is pertinent to keep it clean and hinder any growth or multiplication of germs or bacteria.

Knobs or hooks

Knobs and hooks on the wall can be used to hang pots and pans. They can also be used to hang spatulas. These can be placed on the wall next to the stove for easy handling.

One might have a state-of-art kitchen but if any equipment does not find a fixed place then the kitchen is bound to turn messy in no time. A messy kitchen often fails to keep the family members happy. Thus, an organised and neat kitchen is not just a luxury but a prerequisite for a happy and healthy family.

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