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2022 Pre-Holi Checklist

What is Holi? Yes, it is the festival of colours, but at the same time, it is so much more than that. Isn’t it like a fresh, vibrant splash of colours in our routine life?
Be it running across crowded streets drenched in Gulaal, gorging through a plate of your favourite sweets, or dancing on the beats of your favourite Bollywood tracks, it brings out the happy child in us.
With Holi right around the corner, we want to make sure that you celebrate it in style. This is why we have compiled an exciting list of things you’ll need to make this Holi complete. Put on your reading glasses and make sure you don’t miss any pointers.

Mentioned below are a few essentials that you need to get the Holi party rolling.

One-stop-shop for all your Holi needs

Holi is known as the festival of colours, which is why it is entirely justified to start our list with items like gulal, pichkaris, and more. The market is swarmed with an array of different Holi colours, but it is always wise to pick the right product for you and your loved ones.

Always look for organic colours as they are completely non-toxic and safe for your skin. The best part is they are easily removable.

Hence, you no longer have to spend hours and hours trying to get rid of those stubborn post-Holi stains.

Also, don’t miss out on other fun accessories like pichkaris and water balloons for a fun-filled Holi adventure. While selecting other accessories like water balloons and pichkaris, keep an eye on the build quality. You don’t want them to get damaged in the middle of the celebrations.

Thandai: The ultimate Holi cooler

Holi without Thandai? Are you kidding me? It is almost like celebrating Diwali without sweets. Not acceptable! The traditional milk drink is infused with flavours of cardamom, fennel, black pepper, etc., and topped with the goodness of almonds, pista, melon seeds, and more.
Apart from being a tasty delicacy, it has several health benefits as well. The consumption of Thandai improves your immunity and also keeps your gut health in check. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring home the goodness of Thandai to make your Holi complete.

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Start the celebrations on a sweet note

Dry fruits are essential for every Indian festival. Not only are they tasty, but they are a rich source of vitamin E. Plus, they are packed in the best possible fashion. Bring home a big box of dry fruit sweets and serve them directly to your guests. Trust us, they will love it.
Also since it’s Holi and it is customary to have a variety of sweets ready at your home.

Gujjia is a tasty dish that you can prepare for this Holi. It is also known as the king of all sweets in Holi.

These are sweet golden-brown dumplings made of flour containing a delightful filling of khoya and dry fruits mixture. Gujjia is popularly made in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh but is now consumed throughout the country during Holi. Although they take a little time to be prepared, the good news is you can get the readymade version from the market now.

As far as variety is concerned you can cook Malpua. Malpua captures the essence of a complete Indian sweet.

If you are unaware of Malpua, just imagine a batch of syrupy pancakes filled with great flavours. Malpua is consumed in wide proportions during Holi; people often add a scoop of Rabdi to enhance the dish’s flavours. Like Gujjia, you will also find readymade Malpua online. All you have to do is open the packet, serve and enjoy the flavoursome delight.

Tasty savoury delights

While most people enjoy the festival sweets, some people crave a few notes of savoury flavours. If you are one of them, bring home the rich collection of packed snacks and namkeen to enjoy with your glass of thandai. These crispy bites are filled with your favourite spices, and you can purchase them online without any hassles.

Serve in style

Imagine you have all the delicacies mentioned above for your guests, but you are serving them in your old stained, scratched glassware. Not cool, right? Remember good presentation is the key to creating a good impression.

This is why you should serve those mouth-watering sweets in style with new and trendy glass bowls. Also, give your thandai a perfect companion by serving it in new tall and shiny glass tumblers.

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Make the cleaning afterparty fun

While Holi continues to be a great festive party for many, the cleaning afterparty always gets a little too much to handle. Stains of colours on your walls, floors, clothes, and bodies can get a little overwhelming. This is why you must stay prepared with a range of cleaning equipment like wipers, mops, floor cleaners, etc. Since these stains are stubborn, make sure you get good quality products that are efficient and durable. As long as the colours in your body are concerned, use organic colours as they clean off easily.

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