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Ways to pamper her on Women’s Day

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Imagine a day without a woman in your life? Would be an awfully dull day, wouldn’t it? Love, power, patience, perseverance, and strength—women symbolize all that and more. Without them, life just wouldn’t be complete. And so, as the day to celebrate womanhood arrives again, let’s remind the women in our lives what they truly mean to us. With some smashing ideas that’ll leave our lovely ladies feeling special, pampered, and thrilled, here’s how we can remind our women to live life queen size. Read on to find out what you’ll need!

Basketful of goodies

Make her morning special with a sweet & savoury surprise. Build her a basket filled with sweetmeats & tasty treats.

Pick a fruity tarty berry, mango, or tropical conserve, and pair it with a chocolaty almond or hazelnut spread. Toss in our favourite banana walnut cake or a big slice of red velvety love. Balance out the sweetness with some savoury tidbits, like her favourite flavour of nachos or a healthy snack mix.

To go with it all, don’t forget the perfect companion, some kadak chai or lemon honey tea, for whatever the mood might be!


Box of body care products

Give your woman every reason to pamper herself with these extra-refreshing body products. Fill her beauty casket with an exfoliating body scrubbath salt to revive her ageless glow and take away the stresses of the day.

To watch her breeze by, sunkissed with chin held high, throw into the mix a powerful sunscreen. Don’t forget a lightweight moisturizer to keep her soft cheeks plump and springy all through spring.

And just so that we’ve covered everything from head to toe, add in the perfect hair serum for some extra bounce in every step.

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Personalized gifts

Women adore something personal, like a piece of your heart! So pour your heart out into a personalized card and place it gently next to a box of chocolates or, better still, french macrons! For that extra dimple to her smile, pick her favourite flowers and pack a few scented candles as well. Believe us, soon your women will be swooning with joy and full of smiles!

Picture-perfect makeup

Every woman has a few makeup items on her wish list and here awaits your golden opportunity! Dig out her wish list and click-tap your fingers to order it online. See the Monday blues melt away as she blushes in pink. With some incredible makeup kits, you can grab the best deals. Add blushers and lipsticks to enhance her beautiful skin and a palette of eyeshadows to perfect her wicked wink. Simply buy her a vanity case and fill it up with all that she could possibly want.

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Pop-up kitchen

If she is a foodie, the choices are many. With DIY meal kits, you can take the tip of her tongue on a world trip! For a taste of Punjab, try Butter Masala. If she craves the exotic, choose Green Thai Curry. And if she likes things hot, pick the Szechwan Stir Fry. Then in a matter of minutes, you can have a platter ready! All you need is your favourite kit, and some vegetable or meat to go with it.

For more options, go for ready-made sauces, like Arrabbiata or Japanese Teriyaki. We’re sure your lady will love the extra effort. You can also invite her friends over to make the day even more special.

A trip to remember

Book her on an ‘All Women’s Trip’ to a destination she always wanted to visit. If she has an adventurous streak, plan for bungee jumping. She’ll scream with delight as she takes flight. If she’s outdoorsy, think trekking. The world awaits her wandering feet. And if she likes things quiet, find a hill station where she can simply sit and read. The choices differ depending on the woman. So get to know her and plan the perfect trip. Give your woman the break she truly deserves.

We hope you enjoy our ideas and our extra little effort toward making every woman feel special on her day. Hats off to womanhood!

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