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Tips & tricks to deal with pet shedding season

Despite the fun and companionship a pet can provide, you cannot but dread the shedding season. With spring on the rise, you will notice your furniture, floor, curtains, even your own clothes covered with pet hair. Animal hair is similar to human hair in many ways. It stops growing after reaching a certain length and then is shed to be replaced with new hair. This happens every spring season in India so that pets have a new pelt by summer. This is why you find more pet hair or fur all over the house during this time of the year.

You have tried many products to help your pet shed less fur or hair, but the matter is that every pet, whether a cat or a dog, sheds during shedding season. Along with pet hair, pet dander is also a significant issue. It is microscopic skin particles that are shed along with hair or fur, which either stick to surfaces or fly all over the house, landing in unwanted places.

Cleaning is never enough when it comes to pet hair. Literally minutes after cleaning your furniture, you would still find stray hair or fur or dander. So, how can you deal with the pet shedding season? We are going to share some tips and tricks for you to maintain a healthy home and have some excellent quality time with your furry friend.

Regular grooming

One of the best ways to maintain an acceptable shedding level is by regularly grooming your pet. As pets shed their hair, if you do not groom them regularly, the shed hair sticks to the pelt. This keeps falling or getting electromagnetically attached to surfaces like sofas and your clothes. If you brush your pet down regularly, the shed hair is brushed away and off their pelt. This reduces the chance of it sticking on to surfaces. You can groom them every time at one spot and then vacuum this place slowly to avoid the shed fur from getting into areas. Remember always to keep the fan and AC switched off when you groom your pet. A bonus advantage of this method, apart from reducing shedding, is the quality time you get to spend with your furry BFF.

Clean from top to bottom

If you have designated one day to clean pet hair from your home, make sure that you start high. Pet hair is very much like dust. It begins by flying, finally settling down on surfaces. So, start by cleaning from ceilings, upper corners of the wall, fans, etc., then wipe down surfaces and furniture, finally covering the floor and carpets. Please take special note of soft furniture where your pet may spend time as they are a hotspot for pet hair, dander, mites, and other such allergens. Wet rags, sponges, or microfibre cloth work on longer and more visible pet hair, while rubber gloves are the best way to clean sofa cushions and upholstery.

Vacuum very slowly

Vacuuming is the best way to get rid of pet hair. And knowing the amount of pet hair in your home, it is pretty tempting to start the vacuum at full force and go at it. However, pet hair, if agitated due to the forceful blowing of a vacuum, can fly further and settle at a new place. The best solution is to vacuum slow and steadily. Going in different directions can also work, like up and down, right and left, and circular on carpets and furniture surfaces.

Lint roller and rubber gloves

A lint roller is a roll of adhesive paper on a handle that is used to remove lint from clothes. This can also be used to remove pet hair/fur from cushions and upholstery. Similarly, rubber gloves can work magic to remove most pet hair. Ultimately, what works for pillows, covers, upholstery, curtains, etc., is to wash them. Just ensure that you clean your washing machine thoroughly before putting in more clothes.

Sharing your home with your beloved pet does not mean that hygiene has to be compromised. With a few good hacks, your beloved pets and humans can live together peacefully and lovingly.


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