8 Ways to enjoy Jackfruit

As a wonderful meat substitute for vegetarians, jackfruit is in high demand in almost every household. A derivative from the tropical parts of Asia, and a native crop through the Western Ghats of India, it is now a trending fruit-cum-vegetable that has conquered the taste buds of food lovers all over. Jackfruit is rich in nutrients, including high potassium, protein, and vitamin B levels. The fruit seeds are also consumed, and nothing goes to waste except the shell. More so, when partially cooked, it generates a fleshy structured texture that closely replicates tendered meat from shredded chicken or pulled pork, making jackfruit even more versatile. The unripe fruit leaves a mild sweet taste that can be added to any dish and will blend well with the spices or seasonings used. So just in case anyone is trying to scale down the consumption of meat or simply enjoy this delicious tropical fruit in its many avatars, this article is for you.

Who knew that jackfruit could be used in so many different food preparations? This fruit is incredibly delicious, sweet, chewable, polarizing, and has a unique aroma. Here’s our pick of some of the various mouth-watering dishes you can cook using this delightful fruit-cum-veggie.

1. Simple Jackfruit or Kathail sabzi

Originating in the northern part of India, this curry version is the most common way to cook jackfruit. Some tweaks here and there, and it is perfect to match every taste bud. Pairing it with simple steamed rice or roti makes it a bounteous meal.

2. Jackfruit biryani

People who love mutton or chicken biryani, especially mutton, ought to try kathail biryani. This is something that can’t be missed at all. A perfect twin of the mutton biryani, kathail biryani, cooked with long-grained, aromatic basmati rice and the same spices, is something to die for!!

3. Black chickpea and jackfruit stir fry

This pristine recipe from Coorgi inculcates a delicious stir fry of the kathail seeds and the black chickpea or kaala chana. The taste is further enhanced by adding freshly grated and then grounded coconut masala. An ideal appetizer, it goes well with hot roti or what is known as ‘phulka’.

4. Panasa pottu kura

This is a traditional dish from the Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. To make panasa pottu kura, the jackfruit or kathail is cooked with mustard. This is what gives it its unique taste. It is a dish that is mainly cooked and served on occasions, such as marriages, get-togethers, and housewarming parties.

5. Illai adai: A sweet dish from Kerala

An interesting sweet version of kathail is illai adai. It is a sweet dish prepared in Kerala. The sweet is prepared with rice parcels packed in dough kneaded with rice flour. It is stuffed with sweet fillings and then wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. Tastes amazing when served hot.

6. Baby jackfruit korma

This korma is nothing, but what is mutton korma for the non-vegetarians. All vegetarians love it, in case they love to eat kathail. Jackfruit is chopped into cubes and then cooked with the same gravy, prepared for mutton korma. It tastes divine with fragrant spices and when served with hot rice.

7. Jackfruit chips

Jackfruit Chips or Chakka Upperi is a big favourite in the teatime snack category. Originating from South India, this snack has a special place in terms of taste. They are crispy, crunchy, and full of flavours. We guarantee you would munch on them without a care in the world. To prepare Jackfruit chips, you will require half-ripe jackfruit flesh, which is later deep-fried. To get an extra kick of flavour, you can sprinkle your favourite spices on the chips once they are ready. You can also buy readymade jackfruit chips here.

8. Jackfruit idli

Surprising no? Yes, it is. True, you can make idli out of jackfruit. It is prepared in coastal areas and is mostly eaten for breakfast. Served with regular sambhar and coconut chutney, these idlis are stomach-feeling and energizing.
The above list of various types of food that can be prepared with jackfruit or kathail is never-ending. You just need to be creative, and who knows, you can come up with your own dish that can be a masterpiece for the rest… So happy cooking!!

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11 comments on “8 Ways to enjoy Jackfruit

  1. Jackfruit jam
    Jackfruit dosa
    Jackfruit thoran

  2. a v subramaniam


  3. Jackfuit payasam
    Jackfuit ice cream (available in some ice cream parlours in TN)
    Jackfuit papad (any decent appalam shop will stock this – has a sweet tinge)
    Jackfuit seeds can be dried, peeled and pressure cooked and boiled in sambhar; apart from making dry sabzi.

  4. Satyanarayana Gaddipati


  5. Sangeeta

    Jackfruit pickle, jackfruit seed bhaja

  6. Shikha kaushik

    Jackfruit papad

  7. Annapoorna

    As a Mangalorean (GSB), I take pride in sharing the below items we make out of raw and ripe and brined jackfruit.

    When jackfruit season starts, we make varieties of dishes out of raw jackfruit.
    1. Raw jackfruit papad
    2. Raw jackfruit chips
    3. Raw jackfruit fritters (Loved by all)
    4. Raw jackfruit dry curry (sukka/chakko)
    5. Raw jackfruit gravy based curry (Kadgi gashi)
    6. Raw jackfruit (brined) stir-fry (salla upkari)
    7. Raw jackfruit pickle (adgai)

    While eating ripe jackfruit is a treat in itself, there are other amazing sweet dishes too.
    1. Ripe jackfruit dosa
    2. Ripe jackfruit idli
    3. Ripe jackfruit fritters (phansa modak)
    4. Ripe jackfruit steamed sweet in turmeric leaves (patholi)
    5. Ripe jackfruit payasam
    6. Ripe jackfruit halwa
    7. Ripe jackfruit jam (murrabba)

    Be that as it may, we collect the seeds of ripe jackfruit and dry them under sun for couple of days and store it for monsoon season or for the time when availability of vegetables is less.

    In the olden days, specially during monsoon, the joy of roasting jackfruit seeds in the mud stove (chulha) and peeling the skin and eating hot seeds was next level fun.
    With modernisation, since no one has chulha anymore, we pressure cook dried jackfruit seeds with salt and water and savour it.

    Both roasted and pressure cooked seeds taste amazing.

    We also make curries out of jackfruit seeds:

    1. Jackfruit seed spicy curry (bikkand sagle)
    2. Jackfruit seed deep-fry
    3. Jackfruit seed sweet (obbatu/puran poli)
    4. Jackfruit rind curry (sukka)

    You’ll find the recipes for all the above dishes on YouTube. You can refer to Bhat ‘n’ Bhat channel on YouTube. Or search for GSB Konkani recipes.


  8. Anamika Tiwari

    In which season is the jackfruit available?

  9. sucheeta shah

    supply ripe jack fruit in big basket

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