Spring colours for your makeup kit

Spring has sprung. It’s time for sun-soaked mornings and bright red poppies, in every hue of amazingness. As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to shake things up a bit and change not just your skincare routine, but your makeup routine too. Dig into your vanity case and refresh the old, and haul in the new. Add in new colours, fresh hues, and a palette of brilliance. Flatter your face and flaunt these easy-breezy makeup trends with ease.

For your face, nude tones are a hit

A base that matches your skin tone is the best. Minimalist makeup is the code word this season. Light beige with a hint of pink will give you that gorgeous, fresh glow. The best part about this colour is that it is neutral enough to look natural and good enough to cover flaws. Little wonder then, that this shade is a universal favourite, and looks good on almost everyone. Remember to choose a matte foundation that’s lightweight and lasts through the day.

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For your cheeks, think rosy pink

Feel the abundance of pink on your cheeks with a pleasant, rosy shade. That’s right! It’s the season of ‘less is more’ and a gorgeous rosy shade will give your cheeks that soft, muted blush-like glow. These flawlessly natural cheeks are the perfect way to celebrate the season. If you’re in a mood to experiment, you can try sun-soaked colours from light coral to saturated orange.

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For your eyes, go for gold

This spring, shimmer is in. One of the prettiest and most popular colours, Gold lifts your eyes making them look almost ethereal. Gold dusted lids with a tad hint of shimmer scream spring like nothing else. You can try this as an accent or give your lids a solid gold wash. You can also opt for colours like soft pinks and citrus greens.

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For your lips, tangerine pouts is a must

The awesomeness of this season lies in its vibrancy and the exuberance, and here’s a colour, just as vivacious. A bright pop of Tangerine is all you need to give your lips a bold, daring edge, especially if the rest of your makeup is muted. Just like an iced cocktail, this colour is juicy, refreshing, and full of oomph. If you’re not big on lipsticks, you can also opt for some gloss, as this will give your lips a fuller effect, and will make for the perfect pout for your spring selfies too. You can also try fiery shades of reds, shocking pinks, and warm browns.

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For your nails, bright white delight

Ace your nail game with this timeless colour. It’s a no-nonsense, no-fuss shade that oozes elegance. It’s the coolest colour you can apply to your nails. You can also unleash your creativity and try nail art with brighter colours like Fuchsia Pink, Summery Yellow, or Deep Purples.

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Keep these trends handy, and keep your skin fresh and glowing, all through. Waltz into Spring and enjoy the gorgeousness of this season in all its glory. Feel the happiness, feel the joy. Put your best face forward and sparkle away, girl.

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