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Change your baby care routine with changing seasons

As the year wears on, the changing weather can wreak havoc on people’s health. From spring to summer, the change from pleasant weather to scorching heat can cause various diseases, including skin and hair problems. Add to it, issues like pollution, dust, pollen, and an unhealthy lifestyle can really aggravate health issues. Adults aren’t the only ones affected. Children, especially babies also suffer from various diseases and infections as a result of the changing seasons.

New parents have a tough time, creating and managing a baby care routine. However hard you try, it becomes really difficult to stick to a safe and healthy care routine for your little bundle of joy due to the changing seasons and various other factors. In this article, we are going to discuss how to change your baby care routine as per the changing season, to keep your little one healthy and comfortable.


Coming off from extreme cold to a pleasant climate, the sudden drop in temperature can give rise to various issues of the skin. A strong bath care routine for the building heat of spring to summer can help babies acclimate with the changing climate. Babies generally have very sensitive skin and the temperature change can cause problems like dry and flaky skin to rashes, spots, boils, and even broken skin. As spring transitions to summer, baby sweat under folds of skin can cause heat boils and rashes. If untreated, this can lead to serious infections. 

While an oil massage is great for winter, an oil massage once a week during spring and summer can work wonders with the skin texture and muscle growth of the baby. Virgin coconut oil and virgin olive oil can soothe the baby’s skin and even help cure rashes or other skin issues. Click here to buy one.

As baby skin is much more sensitive than adult skin so any over-the-counter cream or moisturizer cannot be used on it. You need to consult with your pediatrician to find out what lotion or moisturizer would work best for your baby. Even during spring and summer, your baby’s skin will need its natural oils to stay moisturized, especially if you are giving a bath to your baby twice a day. That’s why you must moisturize your baby’s skin immediately after bath. Click here to buy one.

The powder is a good option to give a cool and dry feel to your baby’s skin. Along with keeping it dry, baby powder can also soak up sweat and dirt and keep your baby’s skin safe from various infections. If your little one has heat boils or prickly heat, a good prickly heat powder can help her relieve some of the irritation. A natural, fragrance-free, talc-free, baby powder that can fight off infections, and keep the skin dry is ideal to use on your baby’s sensitive areas, even during nappy change.

While bathing can be a fun activity during summers, you have to take care that over soaping or water does not dry out your baby’s skin. For this, you need to get a good moisturizing body wash, which is cleansing, gentle, and soothing on her skin.

One of the major concerns during summers is diaper rash and heat boils under the diaper due to sweat. A good all-purpose cream or an effective diaper rash cream can sort all of the baby’s summer skin issues. Click here to buy one.


If your baby is born with naturally lush and soft hair, you would try your best to keep it that way for as long as possible. However, even spring and summer can make your baby’s scalp dry, causing dry skin flakes mixed with baby sweat and dirt, and even dandruff. This can make her scalp itchy and cause various infections. Add to it, the dust and pollution that affects the scalp when you take your baby outside can also cause a dirty scalp. It is, therefore, very important to regularly wash your baby’s head, cleansing the scalp and cleaning the sweat, dirt, and dry skin flakes off it.


Like your baby’s skin, the scalp is also very sensitive, and using shampoos with harsh chemicals can make her hair very dry and even cause hair fall. The best way to avoid this situation is to use gentle, chemical-free baby shampoo. Get your pediatrician to recommend one or find one that is gentle on her scalp and hair.

Other routine products

One of the common problems that babies face during seasonal change is a blocked nose, either due to colds or infections. While medication can help, a nasal aspirator can clear up a blocked nose in seconds, letting the baby rest easy. Spring and summer also cause a blocked nose and clogged sinus due to dry air, pollen, as well as dust. A vapour roll can be highly effective in such a situation.

Regular cleaning of ears, irrespective of seasonal changes can help avoid ear infections, one of the most common causes of fever and general restlessness in babies.

During summer especially, it is good to wash your baby’s clothes separately. The idea is to avoid germs originating from others’ sweat. However, if you use the same detergent that you use for adults, it can not just ruin your baby’s clothes but also have adverse effects on your baby’s skin. The best way to avoid this is to use a detergent that is specifically made for baby clothes. Made of natural and gentle ingredients, these detergents can clean the baby’s clothes off the germs and infections but also keep them safe for the little one’s skin. Click here to buy one.

The transition from spring to summer can adversely affect babies much more than adults. It is your prerogative to use the products that suit your baby so that she can be healthy, safe, and happy, in every weather.

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