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All about Aam Panna

As the summer heat beats you down take this long glass of a rustic drink that is divinely delicious, Aam Panna. A native of North India, the fun and wonder of this popular drink has caught on in other states too. Tangy and sweet, Aam Panna also finds itself on the sophisticated vegan menu.

A traditional drink, Aam Panna is not a thirst quencher with empty calories. It is a nutritious beverage that is a smooth blend of cooked unripe mangoes and jaggery. Most of the time jaggery is used for its health benefits but you can use sugar too. Once done you can get creative and add your signature twist to this cooler like coriander, mint, cumin powder, black salt, and so on. But Aam Panna is not just a summer drink. It has innumerable healthy qualities and boosts your immunity which will make you ask for more of this fun-joy-glass. 

The punch of health benefits:

1. Generous amounts of minerals make Aam Panna an energizing slurp. It helps you to rejuvenate after a hot time out in the sun. The electrolytes help in feeling invigorated. It is a natural coolant that is mainly known for heat-resistant properties. So on a hot day, this is ideal. It keeps the body cool and prevents heat stroke.

2. Aam Panna is made up of raw mangoes which are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C in the raw mango gives you an immunity boost and blocks cancer.  

3. Jaggery (gur) is packed with an iron boost. Adding in the gur for sweetness infuses iron keeping anemia away. This is important, especially for young women who are mostly anemic. 

4. This refresher is ideal for digestion. The active bio-compounds and fibers present helps clear our gut and prevent gastrointestinal concerns. Additionally, a dash of black salt and cumin powder not only gives this beverage its unique and delicious taste but adds to make it a healthy drink. And what’s more, this refreshing glass of coolant prevents stomach problems and gut-related issues that may occur due to summer heat. 

5. A powerful source of vitamin A, Aam Panna is good for your eyes. The flavonoid properties such as beta-carotene take care of one’s eye health. Furthermore, conditions like cataracts, dry eyes, night blindness make this a preferred drink during summertime. 

6. It is a healthy drink for those who are on a weight-loss program. Just skip jaggery or sugar. A dash of salt will suffice. Remember to take it in moderation. 

7. Packed with minerals it fights depression, bacterial infection, jaundice, liver disorders, and diabetes. If you are a diabetic watch out for the sugar. Add salt and other spices which will be an awesome tweak.

8. Therefore, the in-season time is the healthiest and the most revitalizing beverage in the summers to beat the heat.

9. As it is gluten-free so those allergic to gluten can enjoy it too.

10. Aam Panna is easy to make and has a long shelf life. The concentrate can be stored in the fridge for a while.  

11. Aam Panna is helpful during pregnancy as this energizer is a rich source of folates. This helps in averting birth defects. But the point to be noted is that one should have it in limited amounts only.   

Point to note:

Enjoy your Aam Panna but ensure that you don’t overdo the drink at one go. Apart from others, it may cause diarrhoea, gastrointestinal problems. 

Here is how you make it:

Peel raw mangoes and cut them into small pieces. You can also roast the mangoes on gas or coal. You can leave the skin on. Peel it off once the mango is cooked. This way your Aam Panna will have a smoky, yummy flavor.

Cut into small pieces and put in a pan. Add 1 cup of water to it. Cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat till the mango pieces should become soft. Then cool it. 

After cooling, put it into a blender. Add jaggery/sugar and mint leaves. Blend it to make a smooth paste.  Then strain the mixture through a strainer. Then add black salt, cumin powder, and black pepper to the smooth concentrate. Mix well making sure that all the spices combine to give you a holy-moly glass of revitalizer which is unique and simply fabulous.

Refrigerate the concentrate in a glass bottle. When serving and add fresh mint leaves to it. You can skip adding anything to it. This drink is delightful by itself too.  Now take the glass of Aam Panna, sit back, carpe diem…If there is heaven on earth it is all in this yummy glass of Aam Panna!

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