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8 Must try recipes for the love of mangoes

Let’s not end it yet! Though summer is slowly coming to an end, we can still indulge ourselves in some delectable mango recipes and let our hearts mend. A drink, a scoop or even a bite will do when it comes to the king of fruit. Here are some amazing recipes laid out just for you.

Mango coolers 

Classic aam panna

A chatpata mango punch to relish. A quick and easy recipe which makes a great drink for summer. Skip that hot beverage and sip on this aam cooler and let your mind relax. A perfect evening beverage for you and your family.

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Raw mango spicy drink

This recipe is sure to beat the summer heat and keep you cool and calm. A blend of kaccha mango, ginger, pudina and chilly, this beverage is not just tasty but also aids digestion. Quick to make, this cooler is a leisure drink and also something good to sip on after a heavy meal.

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Snack it right

Green mango and corn bhel

With a dash of this and a pinch of that, let’s prepare a healthy chaat. This amazing recipe is sure to make you drool and your kids will love it too. Whip up this healthy snack with green mango, sweet corn, tomato, pomegranate, Kellogs and a hint of spices. This tangy yet sweet snack is a perfect evening or a midnight snack to munch on.

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Mango and beans salad with muesli nuts

Too late for breakfast, too lazy to prepare a full cooked lunch or not feeling like a heavy dinner? Go and grab this recipe for a nutritious yet delicious salad to hog. Hunt out your veggies, muesli, beans and peanut butter, prep, pop and toss them in a bowl. Season them well and you will have a healthy light snack to soothe your hunger pangs.

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A long-lasting love – Mango chhunda

Make and store this sweet and tangy pickle to cheer your mood when you need it. A Gujrati style dish which can be prepared with ease and consumed with any meal. You can smear it on bread, or side it with roti and relish every bite.

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A very mango breakfast – Pancakes

A healthy and tasty dish to get you singing your happy morning songs. Whip it up with wheat flour, mango puree, mango slices and the other ingredients for a quick fix breakfast. Your kids are sure to love it too with some honey on top.

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Mango cheesecake

A no bake cheesecake for all of you who love to be a chef but have no oven. Make this delectable cake and sort your mango cravings at home. All you need is mangoes, biscuits, curd, gelatin and sugar to get this recipe going. Enjoy a date at home or some me time with a slice of this cake. You can always add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to get your taste buds singing.

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Indulging mango pudding

Plan it out and prep yourself for this easy peasy mango pudding. All that you need is time to let it set. Blend in mangoes, mango puree, condensed milk, milk and water and select your choice of the setting bowl. Once done, you can garnish it with a hint of mint or even some ice cream.

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Try a mango recipe a day to keep the summer heat away. 

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