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Avocado – 8 delectable ways to enjoy it

Avocado is a fruit with a health and beauty quotient all wrapped in one! This power fruit is the healthiest fat out there with the creamiest texture and heavenly taste. Here we give you some options for simple healthy eats that showcase Avocado as their hero.

Video by Payal Kurian

10 comments on “Avocado – 8 delectable ways to enjoy it

  1. Lionel Rodrigues

    Pl share recipes

  2. Mahadevaswamy K S

    I want this fruit

  3. I want avacado.

  4. Anamika Choubey

    I want this fruit

  5. Prakruthi Ranganath

    I want this

  6. Vandana

    I want this fruit

  7. rohan kakitha

    Me 2.need this daily

  8. Shantanu Adhya

    Witj Avocado you can make guacamole or use that guacamole with bread

  9. Good test and helpful life so Daly 1 aevacedo in good health

  10. Anupam Sharma

    All points were good about Avacado and need daily but in budget price,

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