Tools and tips for your nail care routine

Your nails say a lot about you. Well-groomed nails exude style and finesse. Neatly maintained nails scream class. Long, dainty, perfectly shaped nails give a sense of awe. You may not realize it, but nails are a powerful confidence booster, and a lot goes into flaunting the perfect set. It not only makes for a great first impression but also lends a special form of self-expression that one cannot put in words. 

That’s why it is essential to keep your nails looking as gorgeous as ever. Of course, there may be some less-than-fabulous days, but we have a whole list of tips for keeping your nails looking as sassy as ever. Remember, your hands and feet, nails included, don’t ever take a day off. They need all the care you can give them. So incorporate these tips into your nail care routine and keep your nails looking as lovely as you!

Keep them clean

This aspect of hygiene cannot be over-emphasized. When washing your hands, give your nails a thorough clean up, too, inside out. Scrub your nails gently, and don’t forget to wash under your nails. You can use a soft toothbrush drizzled with salt to scrub your nails. This will also help you slough off grime and also exfoliate dead skin cells. But don’t keep your hands in water for too long as this will make your nails brittle and cause them to crack. 

Moisturize well

Moisturizing your nails is often overlooked. But not many know that nails are a definite giveaway of health, so pay attention to them. Ideally, the nail tips should be white, while the nail plates should have a pinkish tinge. This is a sign that your health is good. Moisturizing your nails with a nutrient-rich cream will nourish them and keep them strong and hydrated. You can also use Coconut Oil or Almond Oil to moisturize your nails.

Cuticle care

Cuticles form the protective seal at the base of the nails. But a commonly followed practise is to push the cuticles behind or trim them. It is wise to refrain from doing this as it can damage the nail bed, and even the slightest cut will expose your nails to bacteria and possible infections. Therefore, it is best to leave your cuticles alone. Apply cuticle cream or cuticle oil to strengthen your nails.

Trim your nails

Regularly trimming your nails is essential. While long painted nails are attractive, they are prone to breaking. Trim your nails regularly to prevent breakage. How often you trim your nails also depends on quickly your nails grow. Remember to file your nails to smoothen rough edges. If you are one of those who use their hands more often for any work or activity or have the problem of ingrowth or hangnails, it’s best to keep your nails short, with rounded edges. Apart from being easily manageable, they look neat and clean.

Wear Gloves

Make it a practice to wear any type of gloves while doing any household chores, gardening, and other activities that requires you to put your hand in detergent, heat and water, or while handling any harsh chemicals. If you are not a habitual glove-wearer, this may hamper your style. In that case, remind yourself of the end benefit of beautiful hands and gorgeous nails. This excellent habit will also protect your hands and nails from flaking when the weather is cold and dry.

Be gentle

Don’t go by the line ‘as tough as nails. Nails are fragile, so be gentle and give them lots of TLC. Don’t cut your nails too close to the skin, and definitely avoid digging dirt underneath your nails with pointy nail filers. Even when you opt for a manicure, avoid acrylic or gel manicures. If it’s unavoidable, try them sparingly. That’s because the drying device used in such nail treatments emits UV rays that can harm your nails.

Don’t forget a base coat

Apply base coat before applying nail polish. Doing so has many advantages. Firstly, this step will protect your nails from staining if you’re using darkly pigmented nail polish. This will also seal in the nail colour and also lend a glossy finish. It will also help you get most of your nail colour too. 

Eat well

A good diet works wonders. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet and load your plates with vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts. Don’t forget to include proteins. Like your hair, nails are made of keratin proteins, so pay attention to what you eat. Pile up on vitamins and supplements like biotin, Vitamin E, nuts, and fish oil on your menu.

Bonus tips!

  • Always keep a nail filer handy. This will be useful to smoothen any rough edges or if you accidentally chip your nails.
  • Clean your nail implements to keep them bacteria-free. Replace disposable ones like emery boards every fortnight or so.
  • Also, alternate with nude and dark shades. Dark-coloured pigments, if used often, leave yellow stains on the nails.  
  • Check on what goes into your nail paint. Steer clear of those that contain toxic chemicals. They are potentially harmful especially used on a long-term basis.
  • If you have the habit of biting your nails, try to curb it. It is not only unhealthy but can cause damage to nails and cuticles.
  • Don’t pull out hangnails as it may cause harm to the live tissue and can be painful. Cut them instead.
  • At times, skip the nail paint routine. Give your nails a day to revive, rejuvenate and breathe.
  • Consult your dermatologist if there are any signs of unhealthy nails, like brittle or spoon-shaped nails.
  • Always follow the golden rule, never overdo anything. 
  • Your nails will give you one of the first signs of any health issue, so be observant and get help early on.

Following these tips will ensure healthy, strong nails. Remember, taking care of your nails is a part of self-care and totally worth your time. Take time out to care for your nails, and soon you’ll see a difference. Remember, great nails don’t happen by chance. They require commitment and dedication. So go on, show your nails some love and flaunt those beauties!

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