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Hair removal methods for women: Pros & cons

The hair on our head looks great but imagine the total growth on your hands and legs. Not pretty, right? We get it. Getting rid of unwanted hair is one of the primary ways to get soft, smoother skin and look and feel good. Be it your upper lip, legs, hands, or your armpits, clean, smooth fuzz-free skin is an instant confidence booster. And why not? This method of beautification has been practiced for generations now. It has evolved from primitive to high-tech methods, giving us a range of options to get rid of hair. From inexpensive and easy to costly and advanced mediums, we have many hair removal techniques available. The options are mind-boggling, but we’ve found 9 brilliant options for you. Read on and find out more.


The oldest method to nip your hair, shaving has been a favourite way to hair-free skin for generations now. It’s painless, easy, and hassle-free, making it the go-to for removing hair.

Pros: It is a convenient quick fix, effective and safe if used properly. Razors work as an exfoliator when shaving off the hair that helps remove dead surface skin cells, giving your skin a 

Cons: It is a temporary method, and as hair is removed only at skin level, you’ll have to shave in less than a week to remove the fuzz. Ingrowth is another downside to this method, as hair gets trimmed off at an angle, causing hair to grow inward. Moreover, unlike its natural growth, hair begins to grow with a blunt tip giving hair a thicker appearance. This makes hair growth more pronounced. Here’s a pro tip: Apply moisturizer or shaving cream to prevent nicks and cuts.


Yet another popular and time-tested method to get rid of hair is waxing. Warm liquid wax on a strip is patted down on the skin. This strip is removed in one swift motion in the direction opposite to hair growth. Hair that is stuck to the strip is ripped off from the root. Over some time, it slows down regrowth. It can be used sparingly on the face and easily anywhere else. Sugar wax made with water, sugar, and lime juice is known to be soothing on the skin. 

Pros: It is safer than shaving, more effective and results last for a long time. A large area of hair can be removed at once, hence saving time. It affords the convenience of doing waxing anywhere, be it at home or a salon. It is a great exfoliator as waxing removes dead skin cells along with the hair. After a few sessions, hair growth becomes softer and scantier.

Cons: It is painful. If you have any bruises or skin inflammation, avoid waxing. Hair needs to grow a bit before you use wax. There are chances of side effects like red bumps, infection and ingrowths.

Plucking by tweezing 


Pros: Tweezing is practical, and moreover, it’s something you can do on your own, anywhere, anytime. It works well when you want to remove stray hair from your eyebrows or face.

Cons: Besides being slow, it is also a painful alternative. If by chance, you break your hair instead of pulling it out, it can cause ingrowths.


A thin thread held between teeth and fingers is twisted around the unwanted hair to yank it off. It works well for smaller areas like eyebrows, upper lip, chin and forehead. Threading should not be the method of choice if you have acne. If hair is not pulled from the root, it causes them to regrow faster. For threading, always go to a skilled beautician. It’s advisable to rub ice or cool Aloe Gel on the threaded area to calm the skin.

Pros: It is a great go-to when you want to shape your eyebrows or remove unwanted hair from your chin or upper lip. Some even thread their face for a clean look. It is definitely faster than tweezing.

Cons: It is painful, and if you’re looking to get rid of hair from a larger area, this method won’t work.

If you find threading painful and want to remove excess facial hair painlessly, try precision hair remover or face razors.


Bleaching is technically not a hair removal technique but a great way to conceal the hair and make it less obvious. It’s a simple method where bleach is applied to hair to ensure it matches the colour of the skin. It can easily be used on the face, hands and legs.  

Pros: It is very convenient and not at all painful. This method lasts really long as it doesn’t involve pulling the hair but concealing it instead.

Cons: It causes irritation if the chemicals react with your skin, making it red and giving rise to blisters. Avoid using bleach if you have acne, it breakouts our extremely sensitive skin.


This method involves using an Epilator that removes hair from the follicle. It is a battery-operated method that provides you with the convenience of using it from home. Moreover, it is travel-friendly so you can carry it with you and use it as and when you wish.

Pros: It pulls the hair from the roots; hence you can enjoy softer, smoother skin for longer. It can be done at home, so it saves you the trouble of going to the salon.

Cons: This can be extremely painful as it plucks out one strand at a time. There are chances that you might feel a prickling sensation that is uncomfortable and painful.

Hair removal creams 

Though similar to bleaching, depilatories or hair removal creams can help you wipe or wash the hair off your face. Again, it is a risqué method as this literally melts the hair away. It’s best to be avoided if your skin is sensitive. Hair removal creams are packed with chemicals, so make sure you do a patch test on a smaller area of the skin before opting for a larger application.

Pros: It is fast, convenient and easy to use. It’s as simple as applying and wiping and is completely hassle-free.

Cons: Though effective, the chemicals in these creams can irritate the skin and cause abrasion. Side effects like redness and rash can be expected. 


This procedure burns the hair root stalling hair growth. In this method, a fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and an electrical current is applied to the follicle root to maim hair growth. Electrolysis should be done only by a professional. It is easier to get rid of hair follicles that are in their growth stage as they are visible. 

With Electrolysis, there are two ways to remove hair:

  • Galvanic – that chemically destroys the hair.
  • Thermolytic – the uses heat to destroy the follicle.

Pros: This method is effective and is known to be a permanent measure for hair removal. It is less expensive than a laser. You can do this on any part of your body.

Cons: It is expensive and time-consuming as each hair follicle is destroyed individually. It requires many sessions and can have side effects too. Electrolysis requires you to do follow-up visits. 

Laser technology

This method is similar to Electrolysis as it stops future hair growth. A modern method of hair removal, the laser uses pulse width and light energy at various wavelengths to reduce hair. Hence, it is more to do with reducing than eliminating. As with Electrolysis, laser hair removal is effective in removing hair that is in the growth phase. It takes a week for hair to fall out after this treatment. Most will see results after a few sessions. During this period, most hair grows back tender and scantier. Today lasers utilize smarter technology to protect the skin from damage with the help of cooling devices on the lasers reducing post-inflammatory or hyperpigmentation. Laser treatments must be repeated.

Pros: A most effective way for hair reduction and painless too. It lasts for a long time.

Cons: This option is expensive, time-consuming and requires repeat visits for the best results. You need maintenance treatments after laser hair removal. There is always a risk of scarring, burning, infection or hyperpigmentation. Those who opt for this method must avoid the sun for a few weeks before and definitely after treatment. Sun exposure lessens its effectiveness while escalating complications.

Pick an option that suits you and your skin best. Each has its pros and cons, and everyone has their preference. So what works for your BFF may not necessarily work for you. But with so much to choose from, there isn’t a lack of options, is there? With these options, you can rest assured of hair today, gone tomorrow. 

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