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Isn’t it a great time to be a Kolkata Knight Riders supporter? Not only are they in the top 3, but the players are in sizzling hot form. No wonder the city of Kolkata is elated right now. When it comes to celebrating cricket, Kolkata knows how to do it in style. From the rustic old cafes with live cricket to the spacious playgrounds scattered throughout the city, Kolkata embodies the Bengali love for cricket. Right from the beginning, this city has always loved and enjoyed this game to the fullest. Be it the glorious celebration of the 1983 world cup in Park Street to the year of 2012 when the Kolkata Knight Riders lifted the IPL trophy for the first time; Kolkata has been a part of all massive cricket celebrations. 

Being a hub of world-class tasty food, it is pretty easy to find a link between cricket and food in Kolkata. From the 90s, it was pretty common to find a group of cricket enthusiasts huddled near a radio on Dacres Lane enjoying live commentary with Ghugni Chaat. While the radio is replaced with big LED screens but the vibe remains the same throughout the city. The people of Kolkata love to enjoy their matches with their favourite food. With the ongoing IPL, the city of Kolkata is again ready to roar and cheer for their favourite Knight Riders as they look to conquer the trophy for the 3rd time. If you are wearing a purple and gold jersey, no matter where you are, we want to make sure that the flavour of Kolkata reaches you on every matchday. Below are a few of our favourite picks from Kokatta. Be sure to try them when you’re in town, at your favourite Bengali restaurant, or better yet, make them at home as we’ve got quite a few good recipes attached!

Authentic Recipes from the heart of Kolkata

Kosha Mangsho: 

Kosha Mangsho is one of the oldest and most loved recipes in Kolkata. It is believed that this dish was introduced by the Odia cooks who moved to West Bengal during British rule to work in the kitchens of Bengali families. It might look like simple Mutton curry to normal people, but it is so much more than that. Here the mutton’s flavour and moisture are retained using slow cooking and sautéing methods. If there is a crucial KKR match and you have the gang coming over, try preparing a good portion of Kosha Mangsho for dinner; Everyone will love it. 



Quick, easy, and tasty snacks are ideal for game nights, and the Jhalmuri is exactly the dish that fits the bill. This simple yet glorious dish requires minimum effort and only a few basic ingredients. Just store some puffed rice and an assortment of your favourite spices, and you can cook Jhalmuri at any point in time. So the next time there is a KKR super over, munch on Jhalmuri instead of biting your nails. 

Street foods to relish in Kolkata

Apart from its artistic charm, the streets of Kolkata are also known for their drool-worthy range of authentic street food. As a cricket fan, we can assure you that these street foods can be your next favourite match time snack. Mentioned below are some exciting and enticing street foods in Kolkata that you must try while supporting the purple and gold jersey. 

Kathi Roll:

If you love street food, we are certain you have heard about Kathi rolls. But do you know that Kathi rolls were invented in Kolkata? This authentic Kolkata street food is a delicious combination of skewer-roasted kebabs wrapped in a luscious parantha. The flavour is elevated with a blend of your favourite spices and a batch of freshly chopped onion rings. Although they are available in many variants across the city, if you want to taste the original version, Park Street is the place for you. You’ll be surprised to know that Kathi rolls were sold on Park Street. Once you are on Park Street, visit Zaika, Kusum’s and Hot Kathi Roll for the most authentic and tasty version of Kathi roll. These stalls are one of the oldest in the city and are widely loved by the people of Kolkata. Pack a few, enjoy them with a cup of chilled soda during the match, and thank us later.


Also known as Pani-Puri, Golgappe, and more, this street snack is loved by almost every second person in the country. But what is so special about the Puchkas in Kolkata? The Puchkas here have a distinct flavour because of the unique homemade spices that are used. Along with the mouth-watering tangy delights, one can enjoy the aroma of methi, coriander, ajwain, saunf and jeera. If you want to try the best Puchkas in town, visit Vivekananda Park and go to Maharaja Chaat Centre, Southern Avenue. Since it is the time of IPL, don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of Tollywood stars enjoying these tangy mouthfuls of heaven in a purple and gold jersey. Make sure you also try other varieties of chaat like the aloo chaat, papri chaat, dum aloo phuchkas and dahi phuchkas, you will not regret it. 

Ghugni Chaat:

Do you know that Dacres Lane in Kolkata is famous worldwide for its mouth-watering street food? You don’t believe us? Well, go ahead and ask Chef Gordon Ramsay. Yes, you read it right; Chef Ramsay is a big fan of the street food sold here. Out of all the street foods sold here, the Ghugni chaat is the one that clearly stands out. The food stalls selling Ghugni chaat here date back more than five decades, with Chittobabur Dokan glowing in the spotlight. The old rustic vibe of the place adds a different allure that is hard to miss. So if you want to celebrate a nice KKR victory, visit Dacres Lane and try the Ghugni Chaat. 

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