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Summer maintenance tips for you home

As summer begins in its full fury, one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the smouldering heat of the season is to become summer-ready. You can do this by simply following a few tips and tricks to prepare your home and yourself to combat the heat of the season. From getting your refrigerator tuned to the right temperature for a chilled glass of water, to getting your AC units serviced, there are many important tasks at hand. To the summer ordeal easier, we’ve put together a must-do list of tasks to help you make your home summer-ready.

The Summer Home Checklist

1. Home Appliances

The most important appliance in your house during summer is the AC unit. It is very important that you manage your AC unit properly for it to function fully well during hot days and nights. Along with maintaining cool during summers, if your AC unit is serviced well before each summer, it will last longer. Sudden temperature fluctuations can adversely affect your gadgets. That is why it is important to keep an eye out for malfunctions and overheating.

The second most used appliance in your home during summers would be the refrigerator. With the constant opening and closing of the fridge door, it is important to get maintenance done before summer hits us with full force. Another thing you can do is clean it out. Throw out the expired items and perishables that have gone bad or are starting to spoil, and clear out the space for water bottles, ice creams and other summer coolers. With fewer items, your refrigerator will also function more effectively.

2. Dust, dust, dust!

Summers can be extremely dry. Such hot and dry climate can add to your health issues like swollen sinuses. And if your home gathers dust, then the heat and dust can wreak havoc on your overall health. To avoid this situation, it is best to dust your home down properly before the summer heat peaks. Cleaning the dust off of your fan blades is most important as it can spread everywhere inside your home.

3. Sun Blockers

If you have huge windows or balconies, there is a good chance that you may find your home overheated very quickly during summers. To avoid this, add screens to your windows. Get a big screen for your balconies so that you can cover them, especially during mid-mornings and afternoons. You can also plant some sun-loving plants to avoid direct heat and to avail fresh oxygen on hot days.

4. Green Coolers

There are many studies that prove that having indoor plants or even plants on balconies or window sills can help in decreasing the heat inside the home. A point you have to keep in mind is whether the plant you bought can handle the heat of the season or not; also, whether the plant requires full sun, partial sun, or full shade with just a few hours of sun. If you are able to maintain an eco-friendly green home, you’ll make your home cooler.

5. Shock Protection

To avoid a risk of fire due to overheating during summers, you must check your electrical distribution system. Since multiple appliances like AC units, fans, refrigerators, etc. function at full capacity during summers, there is a big chance of overloading and overheating that can cause a fire risk. Keep an eye out for flickering lights, circuit tripping, or outlets giving out weird sounds to check for overloading.

Performing these tasks before the summer season peaks can help you prepare your home for the hot days ahead. Global warming and rising pollution have led to unbearable heat during summers. But we can maintain our cool by following certain simple techniques. Have a cool summer!

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  1. As for AC maintenance, remember to replace air filters. Professionals recommend doing this every 90 days. But you may find you need to check it more frequently during times of high use, like the summer.

  2. Thanks for sharing these summer maintenance tips for homes!
    It’s crucial to remember that summer is when pests are most active, and they can easily find their way into our homes. By checking every nook and cranny, you can find and get rid of any existing pests hiding in places like cabinets and walls. Cleaning up food crumbs and spills also helps prevent pests from being attracted to your home. You can also discover and seal off any holes or gaps where pests could sneak in.
    Doing all this makes your home less appealing to pests and keeps them from becoming a problem in the future.

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