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Skincare for different skin types

Skincare is a super essential part of the beauty regimen. But choosing the right product can be mind-boggling. That’s because there are so many of them! And why won’t there be? After all, no skin type is alike. That’s right! Universally there are five types of skin. We all have either dry or oily skin, and sometimes combination or sensitive skin. And the truly blessed ones with normal skin. Now each skin class has its own uniqueness which makes its caring routine different too.

That’s why when it comes to picking what’s right, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Just like your clothes, your skincare routine too should be tailormade for your skin type. But before that, you need to find out what your skin type really is. But don’t get flustered. We’ve got you covered.

To determine your skin type you can try two methods. One method is to wash your face, dab the water, and don’t apply any moisturizer or makeup. After a while see how your skin feels. Second, take blotting paper and press it gently against your skin. If you find your face feeling fresh and not too dry or sticky, then you have normal skin. If you feel the oiliness in parts, that is the T-zone, then you have combination skin. If you feel oily even on your cheeks and overall face, then you have oily skin.

Simple, wasn’t it? Now that you’ve identified your skin types, let’s move on to find out a skincare routine for each of these. Ready?

Normal Skin

You are amongst the lucky ones to be blessed with a well-balanced skin, which means, your skin is neither too oily. You have the perfect pH balance and sebum production that makes your skin look smooth. With fine pores, you have minimal acne breakouts or skin problems.

Skincare routine for Normal Skin

  • Follow the CTM (Cleanser-Toner-Moisturizer) routine faithfully.
  • Apply a Vitamin C-enriched serum over your moisturizer or sunscreen.
  • Use a serum with Retinol at night.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wipe off any makeup before sleeping as makeup clog the pores and lead to breakouts.
  • Always go to bed with clean skin by washing it with a gentle cleanser.

Oily Skin

Oily skin means a greasy, sweaty appearance. This is a result of excess production of sebum. This makes oily skin prone to acne breakouts, blackheads and pimples. There are a number of reasons why you could oil skin. They are hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy, climate, genetics and even the size of your pores. Remember, the bigger the pores, the more active the oil glands.

Skincare routine for Oily Skin

  • Use a moisturizer that controls oils. Contrary to popular belief, a moisturizer hydrates skin and prevents the overproduction of sebum.
  • Remove makeup before going to bed and wash your face, but do not overwash.
  • Choose non-comedogenic makeup products that won’t block the skin pores.
  • Use gel-based or water-based products.
  • Avoid frequent exfoliation. Too much scrubbing can be hard on your skin and stimulate sebum production.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid touching your face. Oily skin is prone to acne, breakouts and blemishes. Touching your face will only spread bacteria from your fingertips onto your skin, thus aggravating the problem.

Dry Skin

You have a dry, dull, flaky texture and skin that feels tight especially when you smile, you have dry skin. Dry skin feels itchy and lacks elasticity. Blame it on lack of moisture as such skin type tends to produce less oil. This type of skin is tender and sensitive to weather changes, namely winter.

Skincare routine for Dry Skin

  • Moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Use a cream-based moisturizer.
  • Avoid long showers. It can strip your skin of its necessary oils leaving your skin dry.
  • Always pat your skin dry. Don’t scrub too hard.
  • Drinking water is an absolute must.
  • If you’re in a closed, air-conditioned room, moisturize at regular intervals.
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen.
  • Buy products with emollient ingredients like Glycerin, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Lanolin, etc.

Combination Skin

As the name suggests, Combination skin is exactly that – a combination of oily skin and dry skin. It is characterized by the T-Zone, which is oily on the chin-nose-forehead, and dry on the cheeks. This would mean that your T-Zone will be a magnet for acne and annoying blemishes. You may experience extreme dryness in winter and oiliness in summer. The reasons for this skin type are using incorrect products, genetics, and climate change.

Skincare routine for Combination Skin

  • It would be wise to follow two separate skincare regimes. Use mattifying products on your T-Zone, and moisturizing cream-based products for the dry parts.
  • Preferably use oil-free and fragrance-free skincare products.
  • Use gentle cleansers that won’t irritate the skin.
  • Exfoliate once in 15 days.
  • Always wear oil-free sunscreen. This skin type needs to be protected from sunlight as it gets greasier than other types of skin. Moreover, it is also sensitive to the sun and the environment.

Sensitive Skin

This skin type is like a petulant baby. It is easily irritated and is more reactive than normal skin types. Delicate and fragile sensitive skin is prone to heat, itching and redness and vulnerable to skin infections and harsh chemicals in beauty products.
Litmus test: If your skin looks flushed after a hot shower or after eating spicy, pungent food, you have sensitive skin.

Skincare routine for Sensitive Skin

  • Always do a patch test to ensure any unwanted reactions to products. Test any new product on the inside of your hand and check for rashes, redness, or blisters.
  • Don’t overdo your skincare routine.
  • Use mild cleansers that don’t lather much, and products that calm the skin.
  • Avoid long hot showers.
  • Stay away from products with dyes, parabens, harsh chemicals, and strong fragrances.
  • Alcohol-infused toners are a complete no-no.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, and green vegetables and avoid spicy foods.
  • Keep your lotions and moisturizers in the fridge and apply them to soothe skin from redness and climate changes.

Remember, skin changes with time and circumstances. So be mindful of your skin and give it the TLC it needs. Stick to a skincare routine that suits your lifestyle. Follow it religiously and your skin will thank you with radiance and glow. Include exercise and take time out to relax. Stress can cause a mess on your skin. Don’t forget to stay happy, because when you’re from the inside, it shows on the outside. After all, healthy skin is always in.

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