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Tips to enhance oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is as important for good health as any body part. While many people understand this, not many know how to brush or floss properly or even the right products to use. Many times, improper way of maintaining oral health leads to many diseases as our mouths are the origin points of a huge number of infections and diseases.

From systemic illnesses such as ulcers, dry mouth, and gum-related issues like scurvy, to some autoimmune diseases and even HIV, mouths can be the focal point of many diseases. Studies also suggest that poor dental health is associated with risks of heart diseases and strokes.

Therefore, along with taking good care of your dental hygiene, it is also important to visit a dentist regularly. Without proper care, issues like cavities or teeth loosening from their sockets may lead to serious issues. With good dental hygiene practices and a regular checkup with your dentist, one can prevent cavities and tooth decay that can turn painful. In addition to this, bad dental hygiene reflects poorly on your appearance and personality. Issues like bad breath, yellow teeth, plaque, bleeding and/or painful gums, tartar, etc., are some of the signs of poor oral hygiene.

Good oral hygiene is a systematic process that needs the right technique and the right products. Here are a few tips to improve your oral hygiene.

1) Floss and mouthwash

While brushing twice a day is a given for good oral health, substituting the routine with flossing and using mouthwash can go a long way in completing the routine well. Flossing ensures that all the plaque is removed from between the teeth along with food particles that may be stuck or have not been removed during brushing. Mouthwash can help in keeping the bacteria inside the mouth under check, along with helping with bad breath.

2) Toothpaste with fluoride

Fluorides are extremely important for teeth. They help strengthen the enamel on the teeth by increasing the number of minerals in them thereby slowing decay. Using a toothpaste with fluoride content for brushing ensures that your teeth get their daily dose of fluoride and stay strong and healthy.

There are many products available today which cater to different types of people and issues. From those with sensitive gums to those dealing with bad breath, there are products made of natural ingredients as well. Choosing what suits you best go a long way in making your oral health great.

3) Brush and technique

While it is an activity that everyone does regularly, it is surprising how many people actually do it the wrong way. There is no set time on how long one can brush, but it is definitely more than a few seconds. One has to replace one’s brush if the bristles are bent or ragged. Ideally, a toothbrush should be replaced every two-three months.

As with toothpaste, there are many types of toothbrushes available in the market today. For those with sensitive gums, there are soft bristled-toothbrushes, while there are criss-cross bristled toothbrushes for those looking for a complete cleanup. Bamboo toothbrushes are quite a rage these days for ecologically conscious people.

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Some good advice:

  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco is great for general health but it is especially good for dental health.
  • To prevent bacteria buildup and other mouth-related infections, regular gargling with warm salt water is highly recommended.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat a fibre-rich balanced diet to keep up your oral health.
  • Artificial sugar can affect teeth in a bad way so it is best to avoid too much of it like in candies or aerated drinks.
  • Those having dentures or false teeth should visit their dentists regularly to keep a check on their dental health.
  • Diseases like diabetes or any kind of gastric issues can cause various types of flare-ups inside the mouth, such as ulcers, bad breath, bleeding gums, etc. Keep in regular touch with your health care provider to avoid them.
  • Some medications have compositions that can affect the teeth. Keep your physician and dentist updated about your dental health.

Many studies suggest that one can tell about a person’s health and well-being by observing their mouth and teeth. It is very important to take care of your oral hygiene to maintain your general health.

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