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10 low maintenance plants for the easy-going gardener

Having a small garden or a few plants in your home is not just a thing of beauty but also helps purify the air quality in your home. Even Vaastu Shashtra, the traditional Indian system of architecture, also talks about the significance of having house plants. However, maintaining a garden or even a single pot of plants is not an easy task.

City dwellers who wish to grow house plants dread are not able to take that first step because they dread that they may end up killing the plant for the lack of time or care on their end. Gardening requires dedicated time and effort. If you have plants, you need to water them, treat them with care and love, even help them recover if they are bothered by pests or other issues, as well as maintain them depending on their growth. For seasoned gardeners, this activity is more of a therapy than a chore. So they enjoy themselves. However, for easy-going gardeners, who wish to have house plants, there are a few plants that require just the bare minimum maintenance and care.

Listed below are some plants which require minimum maintenance.

1) Aloe Vera

Considered to be one of the most useful plants ever, Aloe Vera is easy to plant and easier to maintain. This stemless plant has fleshy leaves, which help its survival. It requires minimum water, barely any maintenance or care, and grows beautifully. Once it outgrows your planter, you can simply trim a few leaves and use them for skincare or hair care. Aloe Vera is known to survive even drought so you can leave it home even when you go on a holiday without worrying about killing it.

2) ZZ plant

Another toughie, the ZZ plant is as beautiful to look at as it is tough. There are two varieties of ZZ plants, one with green leaves and the other with black leaves. Both have waxy, glossy leaves on sturdy stems that shoot out, no matter what. They require bare minimum maintenance and care.

3) Agave

Born for the tropical climate of India, agave is a succulent that can survive harsh summers, high humidity as well as biting cold. Standing in a rosette form with long fleshy yet thin leaves, Agave varieties are beautiful plants that require absolutely no extra effort on your end.

4) Kaner

This beautiful shrub, which can even grow up to be a tree, can be a lovely addition to your garden. With gorgeous flowers in yellow, white, pink, and blue, Kaner can survive without any major maintenance and give your garden a floral shower all 365 days of the year.

5) Snake plant

A favourite among lovers of low-maintenance house plants, the snake plant is a stunning plant with long sword-like dark green leaves bordered boldly with cream lines. The best part about the snake plant is that it does not need a lot of sunlight. So you can place this beauty in your bedroom or even bathroom to liven it up and forget about it. It can survive in any weather and look gorgeous while doing so.

6) Dumb cane

With amazingly coloured leaves in light green, dark green, white, and cream, the dumb cane is a moderately sized plant with slightly big fan-like leaves. Ornate designs in various shades of white and green make it stunning to look at and it is one of the most resilient plants ever. It can survive in low sunlight, without water for a few days, and does not require much care.

7) Periwinkle

If you want a low-maintenance plant that also brightens up your gardens with flowers, periwinkle is ideal for you. Flowering all around the year, the small beautiful flowers come in the varieties of pink, white, and even a mix and match of both. All you need to do is water a little every second or third day and you will get a beautiful bouquet of lovely flowers every day.

8) Spider plant

If you have children and/or pets in your home and you need a plant with low maintenance, a spider plant is ideal for you. With beautiful long leaves in a mix of green and white, the spider plant is perfect for the humid and hot conditions of the Indian climate. This hardy plant is available in many varieties and is non-toxic to pets and children.

9) Desert rose

As the name suggests, with an array of stunning flowers, the desert rose is essentially a desert plant. It also means that it is practically impossible to kill by neglect. Born to live during the toughest droughts, the desert rose requires absolutely no effort on your behalf and will give your brilliant flowers.

10) Lucky bamboo

Anyone who knows a bit about gardening knows about the lucky bamboo. Usually given as a housewarming gift, this pretty plant can be put in soil or water. As it is not fond of the sun, it can be put indoors and requires absolutely no fuss. In water, it grows slowly but steadily with zero effort on your end needed for its survival. In soil, you can see it shoot up and you need to water it once in a while.

So go ahead and decorate your home with these low-maintenance plants, that require bare minimum care.

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