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10 food items to control your blood sugar

One thing the COVID-19 pandemic taught us is that taking care of our health never gets old. There are always new viruses doing the rounds and new reasons to keep our health in check. While COVID-19 took precedence for the past two years, there’s been another deadly disease lurking around every corner for way too long—Diabetes. The most sinister thing about this disease is that it’s become so common that we’ve gotten used to ignoring its warning signs. Diabetes occurs when our body stops producing enough insulin to curb blood sugar. There are a few reasons why this happens; the main ones being genetics and an unhealthy diet. While genetics seems out of our control, you can certainly dodge the disease for several years with a better diet. And while knowing what not to eat is important, it is equally important to know what is good to eat. Hence, rounding up all the “yes” foods is this blog. Let’s begin!

1. Fish

Not only is fish great for the human body and the brain but it is also considered one of the best foods to regulate blood sugar. It is rich in vitamins, and proteins, and has zero carbs. When combined with a proper diet, fish helps halt blood sugar surges.

2. Yoghurt

Plain and organic yoghurt is rich in probiotics and also helps regulate high blood pressure. Apart from that, research has found curd to lower glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance (an impairment that makes your body resistant to insulin, and hence, susceptible to high blood sugar).

3. Almonds

It’s time to get rid of your obsession with processed snacks and replace them with almonds. They have a whole lot of healthy fats, protein, and fibre. Apart from regulating blood sugar, almonds also keep your heart healthy.

4. Green leafy vegetables

Also known as leafy greens or simply greens, they are considered the best food to combat high blood sugar. Be it spinach, beet greens, or mustard greens, incorporating them into your diet helps lowers insulin and aid in weight loss. Here are a few lesser-known greens that’ll make a great addition to your diet.

5. Chia seeds

Ever heard of gelatinous fibre? Well, chia seeds are full of this soluble fibre and help slow down the rise in blood sugar as well as manage your weight. These seeds swell up when soaked in liquid, and hence, are more filling than many other titbits. It is important to remember to always soak chia seeds before consuming them as they tend to swell up when in contact with liquid and can prove to be a health hazard.

6. Sweet potatoes

Ah! Yes. The name obviously throws your off and gives diabetics the jitters. But worry not! Sweet potatoes are good for you when eaten in moderation, of course! Despite being high in carbs, sweet potato stands low on the glycemic index and is high in fibre. Moreover, their vitamin A content helps maintain a healthy immune system.

7. Eggs

Looking for a great source of protein? One that carries a disclaimer that reads, “No animals were hurt in its making”? Well, look no further; the answer is eggs. They are a great source of meatless protein. Protein not only keeps you full for longer but also slows the absorption of glucose in the body.

8. Flax seeds

These seeds are rich in healthy fats and fibre and hence, help reduce the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Flax seeds have always found their way into the category of foods with multiple health benefits but among them, they surely take the cake. They are loaded with nutrients, high in omega-3 fatty acids, help lower blood pressure & cholesterol, as well as stabilize blood sugar.

9. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges are low on the glycemic index and so they have a lesser effect on blood sugar levels. Instead, they are rich in certain plant compounds and fibre that have anti-diabetic properties.

10. Oats

According to various studies, oats aid in glucose control. Moreover, they include lots of soluble fibre named Beta-Glucan that helps reduce blood sugar and is potentially beneficial in the treatment of Diabetes.


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  1. Mrs. Khorshed ghaswalla

    Interesting and very useful article for a diabetic like me. Txs.


    However if one also has high uric acid syndrome, the foods like fish, spinach, egg (white) etc would be very harmful.

  3. Shabaana Hujare

    Very useful article. Thank you

  4. Useful informations. Shall share with my diabetic friends and change my lifestyle too.

  5. Manoranjan Chatterjee

    Quite informative

  6. Useful and thank you for adding to our knowledge. It is very helpful

  7. Valencia Fernandes

    Thanks for a very concise and infornative article..

  8. govindu pinninti

    useful article

    • Can greens be consumed if one is taking blood thinners such as acitrom?

  9. Ramesh Kumar Agarwal

    Eating Sweet Potato is best for control blood sugar is very surprising for me.


    Very informative. But surprised to see “Sweet Potato” in this list.

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