Eggs – Myths & truths about the superfood


Despite being considered one of the healthiest foods on the planet, eggs have multiple misconceptions swirling around them. So, let’s get some facts straight about this superfood that has its own set of nutritional wonders.

Debunking myths about eggs


Myth 1: Eggs are hot in nature and consuming them during summers is not good.

Fact: According to health experts, eggs may be warming but are also packed with multiple nutrients. So, you can have them in moderation during summers. 

Myth 2: It’s not good to have a lot of eggs in a day.

Fact: As per researchers, consuming three eggs a day is completely okay for healthy people.

Myth 3: People consuming eggs have a higher risk of suffering from heart diseases.

Fact: There is no connection between heart diseases and eggs. However, it is recommended not to have more than three eggs if one is suffering from heart disease. They can also switch to egg whites which have no cholesterol. 

Myth 4: Consuming eggs can increase blood cholesterol levels

Fact: Eggs have only a small amount of cholesterol and are low in saturated fats. However, people with high cholesterol issues are usually recommended to have only egg whites. 

Myth 5: Serve raw eggs to sick people for proteins & minerals.

Fact: Never serve a raw egg to anyone, especially when that person is seriously ill. Always cook eggs perfectly before serving them.

Myth 6: Wash eggs to remove the dirt from them.

Fact: Discard the eggs that are dirty. Never wash them because they become more porous thereafter and make it easier for the bacteria to get inside the shell. While certain countries like the US do wash the eggs and refrigerate them, a few others don’t mind using unwashed eggs when cooking. 

Myth 7: There is more protein in raw eggs.

Fact: There is no evidence that cooking reduces the protein content in eggs. As mentioned earlier, it is always recommended to cook eggs properly before consuming them.

Myth 8: Good eggs sink and the bad ones float in water.

Fact: There is no way to prove whether an egg is good or bad.

Myth 9: Never eat the yolk if you want to lose weight.

Fact: The egg yolk has additional protein and Vitamin D which is absent in the whites. Studies also show that consuming an egg for breakfast reduces the amount of food, and thus the calories that one ingests.

Myth 10: The yolk’s colour determines the quality of the egg.

Fact: The yolk colour actually depends on the pigments in the food consumed by the chicken. So, even if the yolk is dull, it doesn’t mean that the particular egg is rotten or of bad quality. 

Myth 11: Pregnant women should not consume eggs.

Fact: The egg is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids. So, it’s recommended to consume eggs along with other foods like fish, beans, berries, and grains.

Why eggs?

Eggs contain not one but 13 essential vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, they are also rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. So, they are pretty enough to beat when it comes to meeting your daily nutritional requirements. Also, around 60% of the high-quality protein is found in the egg whites and the rest is inside the yolk.

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Health benefits of eggs

  1. Eggs contain vitamins A, E, B5, and B12 including iodine, iron, and phosphorus. These essential nutrients support a healthy and balanced diet in human beings.
  2. They contain nine essential amino acids that support muscle growth, recovery, and also maintenance. That is why many consider eggs to be the perfect source of proteins.
  3. Eggs help increase the ‘good’ cholesterol levels and thus, have little or no effect on the risk of heart disease.
  4. For the unversed, eggs are also a great source of Vitamin D. Yes, that’s right. Egg yolks consist of Vitamin D and are an important source of the latter for human beings. This ‘sunshine vitamin’ aids in the maintenance of teeth, healthy bones, and a stronger immune system.
  5. As mentioned earlier, eggs are a great source of high-quality proteins and are relatively low in calories. As a result, they are one of the best foods that can assist in weight management.
  6. Eggs consist of choline which is essential for the normal functioning of cells and plays a significant role in the development of the brain and the spinal cord during pregnancy. It also helps in the cognitive development of infants and reduces cognitive decline among elderly people.
  7. Once again, these superfoods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which play a very significant role in the way our cell membranes work.
  8. Apart from the huge range of vitamins and minerals, eggs are also rich in antioxidants that support eye health. That is because they play an important role in reducing the risk of eye diseases.
  9. Eggs are considered to be the best means for increasing nutrient intake in elderly people. They also help reduce the risk of certain deficiencies and conditions.
  10. It may sound strange, but eggs also support mental health in human beings. The combination of vitamins and minerals in these superfoods reduces the risk of anxiety, and depression, and aids healthy sleeping.

So, get ready to incorporate this superfood in your monthly diet chart and welcome a healthier you. Happy eating!

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Article by Swetlana Neog

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