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How to cope with your body better during a menstrual cycle

That time of the month when we ladies lose control over our body and mind is never pleasant. The pain and frustration during that period make us want to cuddle up into a ball till it passes through. But menstruation being unavoidable, we bend head over heels to survive through our daily routine. Here we have a few tips to help you deal with it in a better way…

Using the right feminine hygiene product:

1. Pad

We all have our comfort zone using certain products during this time. Opting for pads is common, as we have more knowledge on how to use it. Being a part of a dynamic and innovative world, people try to adapt to new products. But most of all, our main concern lies in worrying about staining our clothes if not changed every 3-4 hours depending on the flow. But if we can keep a track of it, we can definitely ease ourselves into using it.

How to use it:
Step 1: Based on your flow frequency, select the size of the pad which differs from small to XXL depending on the brand.

Step 2: Slowly open one side of the pad cover and keep it aside to use for disposal.

Step 3: Take out the paper on the fold and below the pad area to expose the gum. Stick it along the middle of your panty liners and fold the flaps down around your underwear to make them stay put.

Tip: When disposing of it, roll it inward and put it in the pad cover that you kept aside and throw it into the dustbin.

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2. Tampon

They are the highest used after sanitary napkins. Tampons have their pros and cons for beginners. But apart from the challenge of learning how to use it and adapting to it, we all go for it because it’s less messy and helpful for women who are constantly on the go.

How to use it:
Step 1: Based on your tube size and flow, select the tampon.

Step 2: Take off the cover and slowly insert it into your tube till it’s completely inside and the thread to pull it out is well within reach.

Step 3: Wear your undies on to hold them in place.

Tip: Wrap it in a cover or paper and throw it in the garbage.

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3. Menstrual cup

The next big trend in the feminine hygiene industry, they are long-lasting and can be reused. Pads and tampons are something we need to worry about when it comes to disposing of them and they definitely cannot be used again. But when it comes to these cups, cleaning them right after each use can let you use them for a year or so. They are made of silicone, which is easy to fold and insert into your tube and also to empty, wash and reuse. Menstrual cups are easy to fold, because of the material they are made of. They hold for long hours and have the least chance of dirtying the clothes. The biggest pro for the cup is that there is a high chance of avoiding stinking during that phase.

How to use it:
Step 1: Select the right size based on your tube.

Step 2: Find the right fold to insert it in and let it open inside. It fixes itself on the inside accordingly.

Tip: Pull it out straight and gently, empty the cup into a toilet and wash it. Put it in a vessel of boiling water, wipe it dry and keep it aside for the next use.

If we compare the three, all have their pros and cons about how safer, longer, durable or movement friendly they are. Pads are easy to wear, but we risk the highest when it comes to soiling our clothes and even sitting or walking comfortably. Tampons last longer but, they also risk a chance of staining if you do not change them time and again. While the cups are tricky to wear and not that comfortable during the beginning, they can help you be more confident during that time.

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If you loathe wearing a tampon, pad, or cup and want something comfortable that also absorbs well, you can try overnight period panties.

What to eat

1. Solid food

During the period, as our body goes through changes and loses a lot of blood, we tend to become fatigued and faint. Not just eating right and on time, but also food that can help you keep up your stamina is a must. Lots of protein and calcium from foods like fruits, vegetables, dairy and dry fruits, can help you keep going.

Some people tend to get nauseous during this time, thus try not to skip or avoid meals. As our bodies are fragile during this time, it’s always good to eat food which is high in fibre and vitamins. Though you might crave loads of carbs and junk, try and satisfy yourself with healthy ones, as they might cause breakouts on your face and also lead to gaining weight as well.

2. Liquids

During our PMS, we get more dehydrated for obvious reasons. As we are used to our routine liquid consumption, we don’t hydrate ourselves enough and forget about the excess loss of water content in our bodies. So keeping that in mind make sure to add an extra litre of water and constantly load yourself with the goodness of fresh fruit juices or smoothies.

As we tend to get sick during this time, keep to hot or boiled water. You can also add mint, tulsi, ginger and a squeeze of lime to your water bottle and drink it to help your body stay healthy.

Pampering yourself

1. Dealing with cramps

Infused tea, banana, pineapple, yoghurt and dark chocolate are one of those foods that help ease cramps. You can also use a hot water bag or an electric gel bag to relax your muscles in your pelvic and lower back area. A hot shower also helps relax your body. A gentle massage below your tummy and your back in a circular motion is known to have done wonders in easing the pain.

2. Homemade DIY spa

As some of us have a habit of staying in bed during the cycle, some of us have no option but to deal with it and go to the office or even choose to work from home. Make sure to find yourself some time and lie down with a mask of your favourite fruit or even a bar of chocolate to pamper your skin. Not only does it soothe and relax you, but it also helps distract you from the pain. Smelling your desired scent can help you calm your mind and body as well. Soak your toes and hands in hot water infused with your preferred essential oil aroma to help you ease your muscles and your mind.

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