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How to maintain a healthy scalp

We all talk about healthy hair and a plethora of ways to keep them long and strong. But how often do you give your scalp a second thought? Only when it feels sweaty and gets itchy do we tend to it.

But the thing is, it needs constant care. The scalp is the root through which our hair sprouts, which is why taking care of our scalp makes is of utmost importance.

Scalp problems are common. An itchy, sweaty scalp can raise many questions about scalp health. An unhealthy scalp is a breeding ground for dead cells and other build-ups that causes dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and a list of other issues. Even frequently washing your hair or using random products will make the scalp condition go drier and leave you with an inflamed and irritated scalp.

While it may seem like a lot, a healthy scalp takes little. A couple of good products and a regular haircare routine will give you the scalp you deserve. Come, check out the list and be well on your way to a healthy scalp.


Just like skin exfoliators, hair scrubs gently remove the dirt, excess oil, accumulated dead skin cells and other flakes that block your scalp and cause hair-related problems and hamper hair growth. Choose a gentle, nourishing hair scrub that removes build-up on the scalp and keeps it clean and healthy without drying up the scalp.
But don’t overuse these hair scrubs. Just like skin exfoliators, these scrubs must be used once in 10 days or so according to your scalp type.

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Scalp cleansers

Just like scrubs, scalp cleansers help revitalize the scalp and give it a boost. Unlike scrubs, scalp cleansers are gentler when it comes to removing dirt, grime, and other buildups. These deep-cleaning agents help revive hair follicles and strands and keep them healthy. Choose a sulphate-free cleanser for best results.

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Scalp tonics are enriched with healthy ingredients that stimulate the scalp surface to increase blood circulation and control hair loss. This stimulation lessens hair breakage and promotes hair growth, reduces split ends and makes hair manageable. Such tonics also serve to act like moisturizers that add a nourishing luminosity to your tresses, thus energizing your hair follicles and fortifying your scalp.

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Scalp serum

Apart from the popular job profile of smoothening your strands, scalp serums boost hair growth too. These products invigorate the scalp and help stimulate the hair follicles, energizing any inactive hair root to give you envious lush, bouncy curls. Scalp serums also serve as conditioners. Unlike hair oils, scalp serums form a protective layer on every hair strand without the greasiness. This protects your hair especially when you are styling it.

These products also control the fizziness, smoothen out the tangles, and prevent flakiness and itchy scalp. If you’re facing the problem of thinning hair or are struggling with hair growth, then scalp serum is your go-to. If you are combating an irritable, itchy scalp, treat your scalp to a gentle massage.

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Scalp masks

Scalp masks are normally made of hydrating clay and are a potent cocktail of other moisturizing agents like natural oils that soothe and fortify your scalp. This will leave you with a wow-looking, luscious hair too. While a hair conditioner makes hair strands soft and easy to handle, a scalp mask goes much deeper to calm and condition and nourish an irritated, oily or dry scalp, and hydrate it too. A scalp mask can be used weekly or even twice a week depending on your scalp type.

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Scalp stimulator

As the name suggests, scalp stimulators stimulate hair follicles, as the bristles move in a circular motion to gently massage your hair. This motion helps to remove the grime collected on the scalp as well as improve blood circulation to the hair shaft and follicles.

If you have dandruff, use the stimulator in the shower. Water softens the flakes making it easier to get rid of them.

If you are battling thinning, hair use the scalp stimulator before applying any hair product. The stimulator dilates the blood vessels and helps the product to work effectively. Moreover, it helps relieve tension.
Be gentle while using a scalp stimulator. Applying undue pressure can leave you with a bruised tender scalp instead of a healthy revitalized dome.

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Don’t forget to team this up with a regular haircare routine. Remember, healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. So, don’t compromise. Care for your scalp and watch your hair grow. After all, good hair begins from within.

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