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Here’s a simple mantra to live by. Just wing it! Be it life or your eyeliner, wing it, ace it, flaunt it. All it takes is one stroke to transform the way you look. What’s more is that this humble beauty arsenal gives you the superpower to be whoever you want to be – be a dramatic diva, catty chic, a bold babe, be anything, be everything. And when you add a splash of colour, we promise it’ll take your look to an all-new level.

That’s right! Black is forever but at times, it can also get boring. So move over to black. It’s time to unlock a rainbow of splendid hues that are here to give your eyes some much-needed spunk. Whatever your vibe. Whatever your style, there’s a colour for you. In fact, the market is flooded with so much choice, that it can get mind-boggling, we admit.

That’s why we’ve made this handy list of our top favourite colourful eyeliners that’ll give you flaunt-worthy eyes every time.

Sapphire Sass

If eyes are a window to our soul, then it’s time to colour them bright we say. Add some razzmatazz to your jazz with a pop of sapphire. This stunning blue will not only add a sparkle to your eyes but will give them the much-needed oomph and attitude. A new colour in the rising, this shade is all sorts of wow!

BB must-have: Faces Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner Sapphire

This irresistible shade delivers deep pigments, an intense finish and impeccable hold. The colour payoff is fabulous. It’s time to give your eyes that stand-out look in just one stroke.

Glitter Glam

Up your fashion game with oodles of shimmer and shine. Get that undeniable sparkle in your eyes and flutter your way to compliments galore. Play up your eyes with a touch of glitter and get ready to be the epitome of loveliness. After all, glitter makes everything better, right?

BB must-have: Miss Rose Professional Glitter Liquid Eye Liner

Enjoy a radiant shimmer finish with a metallic eyeshadow effect. This amazing product promises to make your eyes even more attractive as they sparkle with delight. It’s highly pigmented, lasts long and gives you every reason to flaunt your eyes.

Gold Goddess

Go for gold, girl! Give your precious eyes a colour just as precious. A timeless shade that’ll always be in style. This posh shade lends a luxe vibrancy to your eye look and will give your eyes a classy, contemporary edge. Glow with gold, shine with shimmer and feel like the diva you truly are.

BB must-have: MyGlamm Lit Matte Eyeliner Pencil – On Fleek

Formulated with vegetable wax from Berry Kernels of the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree, this allows you to draw a perfectly precise line, no matter what. Approved by PETA, this is vegan and cruelty-free. as it is cruelty-free.

Gold Grande

You can never have too much gold, can you? Nah! So here’s another one to rock your look. It’s glossy, it’s grand, it’s everything you need in the prettiest shade of gold. So go on, pack a punch, redefine your eyes, and look smashing with oodles of shimmer and shine.

BB must-have: Bella Voste Liquid Dip Eyeliner – Glossy Gold

This beauty has it all. It does not smudge, crack or peel. It promises a perfect glide and long-lasting colour that will accentuate your eyes and keep them looking super sensational all day long!

Ravishing Red

Your beauty kit is incomplete without red. It’s a shade that’s flattering, bold and powerful, one that has stood the test of time. An unapologetically loud shade, this iconic colour is sure to give you a look that’s as smouldering as ever.

BB must-have: ColorBar All-Rounder Pencil – Rich Ruby

True to its name, this one is an all-rounder. It is a kajal, an eyeliner and a lip liner, all in one. This high pigment formula promises to last for 16 hours and will give your eyes a definition like never before.

Fun list? We told you so. Go explore the world of colour out there. Don’t shy away from experimenting. Try it all, mix it up and create a look that’s true to you. As we said, black is eternal but a little colour is a whole lot of fun. So go on, get going. Because girl, we promise, it’s going to be all eyes on you.

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