Perfect office looks for men

Here’s a truth bomb – looking good makes a difference. Whether it’s a meeting with the CEO or a date or a night out with friends, there is no shortcut to grooming. Think Harvey Specter from ‘Suits’ and you will immediately associate him with power, confidence, charisma and success. Now that is the power of grooming.

It can make and break impressions. It can command second glances. It is your ticket to a grand entrance. Today, grooming is not an option, it is a necessity. A well-groomed man is the one who’s noticed, looked up to and respected. And why not be well-groomed? After all, this is a reflection of who you are, right? Go on then, get to your goal looking as good as ever!

Sounds good? Great! Here we have for you some brilliant grooming tricks that’ll fast-track you to feeling confident, comfortable and perfectly well-groomed, always.

Shave away

A good shave can do wonders. It not only lends a clean, fresh appearance but also makes one look presentable and professional. While there’s a plethora of choices between shaving creams, gels and foams, remember, choosing the right razor is just as important. A good razor will not only make shaving easier but will also protect your skin and keep it healthy and free of knicks and cuts.

Try it: Gillette Mach 3 Bold

An amazing product that glides smoothly to give you a shave like no other. Equipped with a magnetic razor dock, this shaver has steel blades for a close shave. The micro fins hold up your skin before each stroke while the handle supports every downward stroke cutting through the toughest beard.

Shower power

The feel of standing under a shower and enjoying the drizzle of warm water is unparalleled. It not only relaxes the muscles, soothes your over-worked body, but also keeps your body clean and odour-free. It also drains out toxins and bacteria and keeps you healthy. And what you need with a nice, warm shower is the perfect accompaniment of a shower gel.

Why a shower gel, you ask? Well, the thick gel liquid is more convenient to use, and its quick-foaming components effectively clean and hydrate the body without disturbing the protective layer of the skin. It is lather-friendly and makes shower time a delightful experience.

Try it: Nivea Men Active Clean Shower Gel 

Enriched with 3-in1 cleansing properties, this gel is infused with natural active charcoal that acts as a dirt magnet that cleans skin without drying it out.

Mandatory moisturizer

That’s right. Moisturizing for men is highly essential. That’s because men have a thicker skin texture and moisturizing will greatly help to keep it soft and smooth. A good moisturizer hydrates the skin protects it and prevents fine lines. Therefore, whatever the weather, moisturizing is a must. Also, well-moisturized skin makes shaving easier as skin is smoother, facilitating a better shave.

Try it: Mancode Aloe Vera Gel

One of the best moisturizing agents to naturally hydrate and repair skin, Aloe Vera is magical. Besides being an antiseptic, it also contains antibacterial anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that heal your skin. This non-greasy gel is perfect to be used after a shave to soothe the skin.

Spray it on

A good fragrance is a huge plus. That’s why a body spray is so essential. Unlike colognes, body sprays are lighter and can double up as deodorant too. But it does the same job of keeping your body odour in check and keeping you smelling great all day long. Moreover, a good fragrance is quite the confidence booster.

Try it: One8 By Virat Kohli 

If you are a Virat Kohli fan, you may want to carry that vibe with you. This subtle fragrance is attention-catching while the floral notes intermingled with warm woody tones are simply irresistible. A perfect balance of notes, this one is the ultimate winner.

Clean your face

It’s time to face the world with a clean face. Whether you’re returning home from work, or just starting the day, a clean face does wonder. For this, a face wash works best. Not only will it clean your face of dust and impurities, but will unclog your pores and keep your skin healthy.

Try it: Himalaya Men Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash

Enriched with Lemon and Indian Willow, it washes away excess oil and pollutants, keeping your skin glowing, healthy and smooth.

Bro-tips for grooming

  • Always ensure your fingernails and short and clean. File them to avoid sharp edges and make sure you clean the dirt accumulated under the nails.
  • Bad breath can be a huge turn-off. Brush your teeth thoroughly and make sure you floss. Rinse with mouthwash. Also, keep a pack of chewing gum handy for instant freshness.
  • Use sunscreen. The sun rays are harmful and can cause skin damage, wrinkles, fine lines and sunburns too. Always use sunscreen, preferable SP 30+ to shield your skin from the rays.
  • Get a solid 8-hour sleep. Lack of sleep can make you look dull and tired and can lead to dark circles too.
  • Wear the right fit. Make sure your clothes fit you perfectly. Very tight or very loose clothes do not look pleasant. The right fit makes everything better.
  • Drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Water is packed with benefits and will improve your overall health and appearance.

That’s our list to ace your office look. A few simple tips that’ll make a world of a difference. As they say, success favours the well-groomed. So get your arsenal ready, look your best and climb up that corporate ladder. You got this!

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