Must-have fragrances: Classics

They say, it takes but a skilled perfumer to explore eclectic blends and discover iconic fragrances. In a cluster of many and varied scents, there are a few classic fragrances that have stood the test of time and have become a cult.

The other aspect that denotes classics is the collective acceptance of the scent and the happiness associated with it. That intangible element is perpetuated over time which makes a fragrance a classic. When you begin to associate the fragrance with a person, is when a fragrance becomes a lot more than just a scent. It becomes a classic.

Furthermore, such fragrances are also termed or branded as top-quality and excellent that exemplify posh and style. One of the key features that make a fragrance classic is its enduring aroma. Scents made with quality essence and aromatic components have a lasting wear time.

And we believe, everyone should own a classic. Or make one of their own, by that we mean a signature scent. We’ve explored five fragrances that have transitioned from mere scents to a reflection of self.

The classic

Jaguar Jaguar for Men Gold in Black

Sweet and spice, and all sorts of nice, this fragrance is a robust mix of notes. Created for men who evoke a sense of grandeur and dynamism, this fragrance delivers with excellence. Go, boy, imbibe the power within.

The spirited

Nautica Blue Ambition Eau De Toilette Spray

The great outdoors, the salty oceans, the summer breeze, it’s all here in this bottle. This fragrance doffs the hat to the vibrant go-getter. A blend of fruity and sporty, this one is a fine balance of citrus overtones and a woodsy finish. Perfect for those who relish the good life.

The diva

Guess Guess 1981 for Women Body

It’s girly, it’s feminine, it’s every shade of prettiness, inside out, just like you. Elegant and sophisticated, this fragrance is subtly warm yet sharp and spicy. Stay invigorated, radiant and forever gorgeous.

The player

Playboy Endless Night Eau De Toilette

If you love to win at every game you play, this one’s for you. It embodies success, aspirational and a high-end urban appeal. This modern, trendy fragrance opens up infinite possibilities and potential and empowers you with style, sensuality and seduction.

The one

Fogg Xpressio Scent Eau De Parfum

You ooze confidence. They look up to you. They want to be you. Yes, you. This fragrance is for you. This engaging fragrance promises an aura of confidence and captivating charm. Crafted for the millennial man, this fragrance is here to make a statement.

We hope our top picks have given you plenty of inspiration, or should we say, scent-spiration to choose your cult favourite. We urge you to try these because we’re certain, you’ll love them. And remember, perfumes need not be worn just for special occasions. Every day is a special occasion. You are the special occasion. Because you are a classic!

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