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The CTM Regime: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize

Beauty care has evolved much since the past. With a vast range of products wooing the market and audiences alike, there is a ton to choose from. It’s true! The beauty game is getting better and more luxurious, but the holy grail of beauty has stood the test of time.

Three words, incredible benefits.

Cleansing-toning-moisturizing, popular known as C-T-M. It is the fundamental and the first step to keeping your skin clean and healthy. Though we know that C-T-M is important for our skin, many of us are not regular with it.

From cleansing, we can jump straight to moisturizing or we just cleanse and tone and totally miss out on the moisturizing part, either way, C-T-M to work needs to be followed in the same order. Honestly, it is easier than you think, and a very, very crucial step to great-looking skin.

Come, let’s go step by step and learn all about this fabulous regime that has lived up to its promise over the years.


Throughout the day, your skin works hard to keep you looking good and protect you from pollutants. Now the least we can do is to keep it clean and fresh. That’s why it is imperative to use a good cleanser to remove the impurities, dirt and makeup. Cleansing clears the skin and opens pores helping our skin to breathe.

Always use a gentle cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals. Choose a cleanser that works best for your skin type. Remember, massage in a soft, circular motion for best results.

BB Hot Pick #1: Brillare Real Vitamin C Face Wash

Enriched with real Orange, this face wash instantly makes your skin bright and radiant. It contains pure Vitamin C and does not have any chemicals. The gentle ingredients softly exfoliate the dead skin cells leaving you with a superb complexion.

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BB Hot Pick #2: Pilgrim Volcanic Lava Ash Foaming Face Wash

This foaming face wash contains special ingredients to remove dirt from your skin and make it sparkle. A luxurious foaming face wash, the special ingredients removes impurities, unclog pores, and control excess oil that fights zits and blackheads. It detoxifies the skin, protects natural sebum and moisturizes it too. It is enriched with the coveted anti-ageing benefits and it comes with a built-in brush to help in a smooth application of the face wash. It is a round brush which softly removes the grime off the skin.

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BB Hot Pick #3: Dot & Key’s Cica Calming Blemish Clearing Facewash

If you are suffering from an acne breakout, this is the ideal choice. It contains Salicylic Acid to reduce acne flare-ups. The gentle goodness of Cica and Green Tea soothes the skin, calming inflammation and leaving your skin fresh and free of oil. The great news is that it is free of sulphates too!

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Toning is the next important part of the CTM Process. Though many of us may skip this step, toning comes with its own advantages that will make you wonder why you ever skipped it.

While cleansing removes dirt and grime from the skin, it is likely that a certain amount of cleanser is still stuck to the skin. Also, chances are that a cleanser removes remove the excess sebum from the face making it somewhat fragile. Toning balances this out while removing any remnants of cleanser that may have remained. It also tightens open skin pores that can lead to zit breakouts. Second, it replenishes the skin’s moisture levels and maintains the pH balance. Lastly, it leaves the skin smooth and supple.

BB Hot Pick #1: The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisturizing Toner

This gentle emulsion is infused with Rice and Vegetable Ceramide that brightens the skin and adds a protective barrier to the face.  Weightless and non-greasy, it nourishes, moisturizes and keeps the skin feeling soft and supple all day long.

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BB Hot Pick #2: BrownSkin Beauty Brown Bakery Honey & Cinnamon Face Serum

This genius of a product calms the skin with the magical abilities of honey that heals the skin and remove toxins. Formulated with Honey, Cinnamon with Hyaluronic Acid, these help in maintaining hydration levels, protects from harmful UV rays and free radicals, and clarify skin too.

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Moisturizing is the last and as essential step in the CTM process. Moisturizing prevents the loss of moisture from the outermost layer of our skin. It also helps to protect the skin from external damage and pollutants. A daily dose of moisturizing helps nourish skin and maintain its elasticity.

While light, oil-free moisturizers are best suited for sensitive, acne-prone skin, thicker, creamier ones work wonders for dry skin. Apply a small amount of moisturizer every day for the best results. Remember, using too much moisturizer may leave your face feeling oily and potentially lead to breakouts.

BB Hot Pick: Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream

This is a potent gel that increases your natural surface cell turnover by 10x and visibly improves skin texture and reduces dark spots. It prevents hyperpigmentation, hydrates, and boosts the natural surface of the skin cell while brightening skin tone.

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A simple C-T-M regime can get you the skin of your dreams. Remember, regularity is key. Slowly but surely you will reap the benefits with an undeniable glow and radiance. So go on, stock your vanity case with our must-haves. Try them out, and we’re sure you’ll love the transformation you see. Go on girl, put your best face forward every day.

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