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Perfect party looks for men

If yesterday’s men had their party styles fitted in a tight box, for today’s millennial man the parcel has opened up. In the striking polar opposite approach, today’s man does not just get dressed for a party he gets ready for one. And that doesn’t mean simply being well-dressed, it means being well-groomed too.

That’s right! But it’s not as complicated as it sounds. To make life simpler, we’ve compiled a list of products to prep you for every party. So read on and get ready to ace that debonair party look.

The stylish shave

Got a party? Then you got to shave! Whether you want to go clean-shaven or flaunt a charming stubble, the first step to looking well-groomed is keeping your facial hair in check. Get yourself an excellent set of razor blades and watch your face transform. Like they say, first impressions matter, so make it worth their while.

Party prep with: Gillette Fusion Proglide

A 5-blade cartridge with flexball technology that adapts to your face while shaving or trimming. The fine and highly advanced five blades distribute equal shaving force across the blades which gives more comfort and less tug-pull irritation on the face making it a great way to groom. The precision trimmer on the back gives accurate side-burn or moustache edging.

The terrific trim

If you sport a beard, it’s time to jazz it up. By that, we mean a trim. A neat trim can work wonders and fetch you a second look, and even a third possibly. So, get ready to rock the party with maximum style and minimum hassle.

Party prep with: Let’s Shave Beard, Body & Head Trimmer

This all-in-one trimmer works wonderfully for the head, body and face. It comes with two combs and 38 lengths settings so that you don’t have the hassle of switching between multiple attachments. The built-in self-sharpening blade technology keeps your trimmer sharp to ensure long-lasting top performance while the lithium battery delivers more than one hour of cordless run-time. Choose the preferred comb size and attach it to the trimmer. Trim your beard as per your desire.

The fabulous face mask

Your face shows everything – your mood and even stress. So if the day has taken a toll on your face, it’ll show. But worry not. A face mask can save face, literally! We suggest a cooling face mask to brighten things up. Whether it is an official gathering or a joyful jamboree, a dull, tired face is a no-no at parties.

Party prep with: Mancode De-Tan Face Mask

This de-tan face mask does a lot! It reduces tan, gives instant whitening results and also hydrates, soothes, heals, and brightens the skin. The mask contains Kojic Acid that inhibits Melanin due to sun rays forming on the skin surface thus keeping the skin bright. Along with Liquorice Extract, it lightens dark spots. The other nutrients in the mask nourish the complexion.

The happy hair gel

Whatever your style, a hair gel can get it for you. Whether a slick-back look, a stylish spike, a masculine man-bun or just a bouffant as an ode to Bollywood’s Dev Anand, we bet a hair gel will hold your style for as long as the party goes on. Stay slick. Stay stylish.

Party prep with: Set Wet Cool Hold Styling Hair Gel

Here’s a cool styling gel to show off your ‘cool dude’ attitude. It is an alcohol-free and chemical-free hair gel which contains added Pro-vitamin B5 – a water-soluble vitamin that moisturizes the hair, = and keeps it soft, strong and conditioned.

The fresh fragrance

Get the party started with a fragrance that is truly you. Always wear good perfume and ensure you leave your mark behind. You can burn the dance floor, or be your charming yourself, believe us, a good fragrance will only up your party quotient.

Party prep with: Ustraa Cologne Spray Combo

Here are not 1 but 2 incredible fragrances to choose from.

Base Camp Cologne: The aura of the magical mountains is loaded with 3X more fragrances.

It’s cool, refreshing and soothing and lasts all day. It has only goodness, no gas.

Ammunition Cologne:  It’s deep and mysterious and is loaded with 3X more fragrances. Known as the ‘Fragrance Of The Night’ this one packs a punch. This too is long-lasting, without the gas.

There you have it. Your survival guide to every party. It’s simple, isn’t it? We told you so. Go on then, wear that attitude, show off your look, be the life of the party and let the party begin!

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