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Your guide to body mists

Imagine a misty aroma of light fragrance, a just-stepped-out of-shower feel, the oh-so-pleasant waft that uplifts your mood. Yes, we are talking about Body Mist. A fresh, refreshing misty blast that ensures you feel lovely throughout the day.

Remember, smelling good is as important as looking good. But you need to keep in mind that your fragrance should not be overpowering. An overpowering fragrance is a turn-off. That’s why Body Mists are ideal. They are subtle in terms of aroma, gentle on the skin and ideal for daily use.

The market is spoilt for choice and the real challenge is choosing one from the mind-boggling range. But you don’t need to worry because we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the groundwork for you and here’s our list of favourites.

But before we dive into a work of fragrance, let’s start with the most important question.

What is a body mist?

A body mist is a lighter version of perfume. It has a softer, delicate fragrance and lasts for up to 3 hours. You can reapply it every couple of hours for that breezy, subtle, lingering fragrance. It also keeps the body well-hydrated.

Body Mists v/s Perfume

Although both are fragrances, Body Mists are lighter. While perfumes have an essence concentration of 15% to 20%, Body Mists are milder with an essence concentration of 1% and 5%.

Another huge advantage is that Body Mists are being pocket friendly. You can now smell good without burning a hole in your purse. These subtle, light fragrances have their own charm and are an on-the-go instant aromatic boost.

How to use a body mist?

A Body Mist is applied just like perfume, directly onto the skin. Preferably on clean skin, right after a shower works wonders and will leave you smelling fresh all day.

Enough said. Now it’s time to experience a zing of freshness with these must-have favourites we’ve rounded up for you.

Layerr Wottagirl Fragrant Body Splash

Give yourself an aromatic boost with this incredible fragrance. It boasts of a crispy citrus freshness making everyone go ‘wow’. It promises to keep you perky and confident all day long. Go fresh, go happy!

Misty tip: Apply a little petroleum jelly on your pulse points and then spritz the Body Mist. It will help hold the fragrance for longer.

Guess 1981

So elegant, so French, this sophisticated fragrance is filled with soft notes of Bergamot, Sandalwood and Geranium, the spicy warm scent gets you invigorated and ready for the day.

Misty tip: Spritz some on your hairbrush and run it through your hair for incredibly fresh-smelling tresses.

Kamasutra Spark Power Series

Spark that passion, ignite that hot new flame, because this sizzling aroma is here to turn up the heat.

Misty tip: You can opt for a Body Wash of the same fragrance to maximize the fragrance of your Body Mist.

Plum Bodylovin’ Vanilla Vibes Body Mist

This is like your Vanilla cupcake on the go. Fuzzy and warm, this fragrance will leave you smelling super yummy. Infused with Aloe, this one is pocket-friendly, travel-friendly and free of nasties like Sulphates, Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones and Animal-derived ingredients. Go, spritz the goodness.

Misty tip: During summers, keep your Body Mist in the refrigerator for a blast of coolness.

Some more fresh tips for you!

  • Layering body mists are a great idea. Throw in the mix of fragrances and some other scent that matches the body mist you are using. Spray it on before splashing your mist. Body butter or creams also help to hold on to the fragrance of the Body Mist longer.
  • Keep reapplying every couple of hours as Body Mists are subtle and tend to fade quickly.
  • Get ready for good sleep and spritz some Body Mist on your bed linen and pillows. It is calming and relaxing. Go zen!
  • Body Mists do not contain any alcohol, it is gentle on the skin and is perfect for daily.

So, there you have it. Our top picks will leave you feeling minty fresh every day. Whether you are WFH or WFO, a Body Mist is a must-wear for everyday fare. Spritz it, enjoy it and revel in the joy of good fragrance every day.

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