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Curry tales of India

Indian curries are an experience in themselves. The sheer range of flavour, texture and colour is mind-blowing. They’re complex and incredibly delicious creations that encompass everything from fragrant coconut to pungent fenugreek. They can be made with a wide range of herbs, spices, vegetables and proteins to create simple meals or elaborate dishes.

If you’re fond of curries, here are six easy-to-follow curry recipes from different parts of India.

Kosha Mangsho

Kosha mangsho or mutton curry is a traditional Bengal delicacy. The word kosha indicates ‘cooking over low flame for a long time’. It refers to the rich, dark-brown gravy and melt-in-the-mouth mutton pieces that result from slow cooking.

This recipe combines some of the finest flavours from Bengali cuisine – mutton and onions, along with aromatic garam masala and ginger. Enjoy this velvety mutton curry for an unforgettable taste explosion. Serve it with parota or pulao. It tastes great with plain rice as well.

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Gujarati Fajeto

Mango has a unique taste and texture that makes it perfect in many dishes. One of the biggest hits among them is the Gujarati dish, ‘Fajeto’. An intensely tangy, hot, sweet, spicy, and delicious curry, Fajeto is made with yoghurt and ripe mangoes or mango pulp. Make it for a weekend lunch and serve it alongside stuffed bhindis, steamed rice and phulka.

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Mathanga Erissery

If you’ve ever had Kerala-style sadya, you’ll know what Erissery is. It’s a traditional recipe made with yellow pumpkin and pulses, ground coconut paste, and seasoned with roasted coconut. Sounds yum? Try it out this weekend and delight your palate with the rich flavours of pumpkin and coconut.

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Chettinad Fish Curry

Chettinad meen kozhumbu or fish curry is one of the most popular dishes of Chettinad Cuisine originating from the Chettinad region of Tamilnadu. This simple yet exotic recipe uses a blend of spices that deliver a powerful kick to your taste buds. Chettinad fish curry goes well with white rice or sujuk or appam. If you want to spice up your lazy weekends, then make an authentic Chettinad fish curry at home.

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Rajasthani Pitod ki Sabzi

Rajasthani pitod ki sabzi or besan paneer is basically a chickpea flour cake cooked in curd-based gravy. A delicious and favoured Rajasthani curry, it pairs nicely with roti, paratha, and rice. It’s also a perfect option when you have a shortage of green vegetables at home. This curry doesn’t contain onion or garlic, which makes it suitable for all diets! Prepare this special curry at home for a delicious meal.

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Sarson ka Saag

Sarson ka Saag is one of the most loved North Indian winter recipes. They are a staple part of most Punjabi homes and are often made on the occasion of Lohri. The word “sarson” refers to mustard greens and the word “saag” is used for a wide variety of dishes made by combining eclectic ingredients that are usually lightly spiced. So Sarson ka Saag is not only a dish made of mustard leaves and spinach but also a whole combination of spices which enhances its taste.

If you are looking to make something comforting and tasty, try Sarso ka Saag with buttery Makki ki Roti. It can also be served with Basmati rice or parota.

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